Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunshine and Warm Temps Needed

The weather just does not want to cooperate with what I want to do. We have a campsite to get set up and a bunch of “stuff” to get rid of still in storage. We need to get Max’s motorcycle out and get it listed for sale. We also need to get the travel trailer re-organized for us to put it up for sale also.

Spring is the best time to advertise both, but we need to get them cleaned up from the winter. Funny how 45 degrees was warm enough for me to ride my Gold Wing a few years ago, but now is too cold for me to even want to be outside. (the south west is calling)

Max is spending all of her time working on Emma’s blanket. She wants it done before Emma comes into this world on April 1st. Now that is the doctors plan, but Emma may not want April 1st to be her birthday. On Thursday night Cheryl had several hours of labor pains and went to the hospital. After she arrived and got checked in the pains diminished and they sent her home a few hours later. Things are still planned for 9:00am on April 1st unless Emma say’s otherwise. (You Go Girl! )

We have this apartment until the end of May but there is no way that I want to stay here all of that time. We plan to get the travel trailer re-organized so we can spend some time there during the next two months.

Spring Fever is very prevalent at the English’s

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