Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Very sunny today, which is just what the doctor ordered. We have been sequestered inside too long. We went out to the campground today to look at the hook up’s so we could get them ready for us to move into the RV. The intent was to make a hard pipe sewer connection to make it easier to dump.

We figured out what we needed and proceeded to Menards ( aka, the best store in the world) We bought most of what we needed then headed to an RV supply store and was figuring out what connectors and adapters we were going to need. After looking at our option’s it occurred to us that the new fifth wheel may not use the same connectors. We then decided that we will dump using our regular soft dump hose until the new fifth wheel comes in. Then we can just buy the adapters we need and I can hard plumb it in for the season. Whew! who thought that deciding on what to do with crap would take so long!

While at the campground we decided that we would keep the tool box from our old truck and put it in the new ford. (haven’t got use to saying ford yet!). It would require me to drill some new holes in the tool box to relocate the clamps to fit the new truck bed. Since I do not have a drill any more I had to borrow one from Dave. We got the box installed and I think it will work pretty good. I need a place where I can store some tools. I may have to rethink an earlier decision on not keeping a drill as part of my scaled down tool arsenal.

It was an enjoyable day piddling around. Tuesday we plan to spend most of the day at the campground enjoying the weather while it is here.

Here are a couple of pictures from the view from our picnic table at our campsite.




Fishing Pier 50 yards from our table


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