Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Travel Day to Brush Colorado

We left the Nebraska State Forest on Saturday morning. Our original plan was to travel to Big Springs Nebraska for Saturday night then we would get up and travel to Monument Col. on Sunday. After looking at the mileage we decided to travel a little further on Saturday and have less of a travel day on Sunday. We were glade we did!

We drove/rode about 250 miles to Brush Colorado. Brush is located along interstate 76 about halfway between the Nebraska state line and Denver. Brush has a city park that has a little of everything. Lots of room for events and fair’s. They also have a “campground” which is just a big parking lot with water and electricity and a dump station. It is a perfect overnight stop. The best part is that your first night is free! If you happen to stay longer than one night the cost is only $10.00 for the next 2 nights. More city’s should take an example from Brush. If they did then the nightly stops at Wal-Mart would not be such an issue in some city’s.

Our timing could not have been better for stopping at brush because they were having their own balloon festival. We got set up in the parking lot and right beside us in the park grass was a bandstand with live music, and a few food vendors. We enjoyed the free entertainment for a couple hours. Then about 8:00 pm the Balloon pilots started setting up in the field in front of our rig. They were going to have a night glow.  There were about 8 pilots there with their baskets set up to let people come over and see inside and light up the sky with their flames. Here are a few random pics from the glow.

Notice the Goldwinger right up front! I can spot those guys anywhere!




Brush is a small town and there were only a couple of hundred people there so getting access to the balloons and asking questions was no problem.

We watched the glow for about a hour then we decided to go in for the night. The next morning the pilots were to take off around 7:00 am. I went out and got some pictures of them setting up.



It takes quite a few people to get things set up and to lift off.










After all of our morning excitement we had to get on the road. We were glad we changed our minds and came to Brush. It was a very enjoyable overnight stop. We got on the road and headed for Monument at about 9:30am. We avoided Denver and took state highway 71 south out of Brush and headed for Limon to pick up Interstate 70 west for about 10 miles then headed west on highway 86 until we reached Castle Rock and picked up Interstate 25 just 18 miles north of Monument.

We arrived at the Colorado Heights Campground and got a site way on top of a hill in the back of the park. We wanted to make sure we had good satellite and internet capabilities since we are going to be here for about 14 days. Our site is basically in an upper lot but we do have full hookups and a great view of Pikes Peak out our back window.

Monday our service tech for our washing machine came out and looked at our issue and he ordered 2 new parts for the door locking mechanism. He is scheduled to come back Friday providing the parts arrive. I am not holding my breath. At least I can make the washer work to get our laundry done in the mean time.

Well for the next 14 days we will explore around Monument and Colorado Springs and see what we can get ourselves into. Stay Tuned!

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