Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Bit Chilly


The weather here is nice and sunny but a little bit chilly. We are at an elevation of about 3500 feet. During the day it is getting to about 60 degrees but down right cold at night getting into the 20’s.

I do not quite know yet what to expect of my propane usage. In Phoenix the lows would be in the high 40’s and the furnace would not even kick on until around 3:00am. We would go about two weeks on a 40 pound tank. In Benson  with the temps in the 20’s at night the furnace kicks on in the late evening and will run most of the night and we are going thru a 40 pound tank in 4 day’s.  I think we will be glad when we get down to the lower elevation and warmer evenings in San Antonio.

Monday we got all of our weekly laundry, bills and groceries caught up. The Wal-mart here is a Super Wal-mart but is smaller than the one we went to in Phoenix. It was also harder to go up and down each isle due to more people. The checkout lanes were packed trying to check out. I am glad that this is only a once a week experience!

Everyday we have been going to the club house at 4:00pm for their “Happy Hour”. The number of people that attend varies but it is a nice time to visit and meet people. After that we have been playing cards until the Rver’s midnight which is 9:00pm where everyone heads back to their rigs.

We took a short motorcycle ride on Tuesday to check out the Dragoon Mountains. We passed by some very pretty rock formations in an area they call Texas Canyon and then we headed towards the Cochise Stronghold. This is the area where the Apache Chief Cochise made his stand. We did not go all the way up to it because we were getting pretty chilly and I did not want to ride 10 miles up the gravel road. We will save this trip for when we come back through next fall.

We made it back to the rig and then headed over for the Happy Hour and visited. A lot of the people here are leaving on Friday to head to an Escapees rally in Parker Arizona so the park will be a lot quieter come this weekend.

We decided to go to the Desert Museum on Thursday and Saguaro NP on Friday and then Tombstone on Saturday. We normally do not want to stack all of our day trips one day after the other. We are this time due to the forecast of warmer highs during the day and we were told to do Tombstone on Saturday.

Today we are going on a motorcycle ride with other lease holders in the park. They have a scheduled motorcycle ride every Wednesday morning. I am not sure where we are headed or for how long but that is part of the fun.

Enjoy your day!

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Donna aka Froggi said...

Looking forward to hearing about your ride with the group!