Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Houston…We Have a Problem


We finished our time at the Colorado River Thousand Trails Resort and had a really good time there. We made some new friends and even saw some we met back at Medina Lake.

Our plan was to get up early and leave as soon as we could. We wanted to travel about 300 miles. We got hitched up and was ready to pull out when I noticed the front landing legs would not stay up. They would both drop down and hit the ground after about 15 minutes.

I called the factory and they told me to call Lippert who is the manufacturer of the hydraulic leveling system. I called and was just told to get it to a service center. Not much help. I then called the Mobile Suites factory back and told them that Lippert was much help. The quality manager at Mobile Suites told me he would call an engineer at Lippert and have him call me. Maybe he would have some tricks that would help keep the legs up so I could travel.

In the meantime I started looking for Mobile Suites dealers around Houston. I found one just north of the city and gave them a call. They told me to go ahead and try to get it to them but they did not know when they could get to us.

The engineer never called back so I called Mobile Suites back and told them I was going to try to make it to the Houston dealer. We started out having to stop about every 10 minutes to raise the legs. Not fun on I-10. I am very nervous pulling off on the side of the road with cars and trucks whizzing by. ( My brother was killed in that situation).

We ended up going about 30 miles and we pulled off onto an exit with an outer road that had no traffic. We decided to try to strap up the legs with motorcycle tie straps. The problem is there is no place on the underside to strap to. We eventually strapped them through the baggage compartment doors and up to the inside framing. We could just barley get the doors closed but it was putting a strain on the doors and the straps may break the fiberglass. We decided that it was better that then risk our safety on the side of the road.

The straps held them up enough so we could get to the dealer. We are not sure how long we will be here. We are staying on his lot and are still waiting on the call from Lippert.

So for now we stuck in Houston for awhile. We just have to go with the flow for now.

Enjoy Your Day!

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