Saturday, March 5, 2011

On The Road Again (for now)

Our parts came in and the engineer and a tech from the dealer started working on the landing legs at about noon. They said it was going to take about two hours to install the parts.

Their thinking is that the legs are keeping a higher pressure on one side of the system forcing them down. He is going to install a bypass kit that will equalize the pressure. Theoretically this will keep them from dropping. And if this does not work then I may have a bad seal internally. Then a new leg will have to be installed.

Since it was going to take a couple of hours Max and I went to the local Wal-Mart and did our weekly grocery shopping. When we returned they were still working on the rig.

They finished up at about 5:30pm and was ready to test. We hooked up the truck and raised the legs. They still dropped but at a much slower rate. Not good!

We unhitched the truck and he ran the legs all the way up and down a few time to maybe help purge any air still in the system. They stayed up this time and he suggested that we go ahead and go.

We wanted to get to Pensacola by Friday so we left Clute at about 6:30 and drove to a Wal-Mart in Beaumont Texas and spent the night. I did not lower the legs and just kept the weight on the truck for the night. I did not want to take a chance yet.

We got up early and needed to travel to Pass Christian Mississippi. There we stayed at a Coast to Coast resort that was pretty nice. Unfortunately we did not have time to enjoy it. We did take time to ride the bike to the beach and have a look. This is a quiet area and a great place for us to come back to to enjoy the beach and the area.

On Friday it was really windy and misting rain off and on. We only needed to travel about 160 miles to Ft. Pickens so we took our time. Luckily the rain did not last too long but the wind kept up all day.

We pulled into the Ft. Pickens campground which is in the Gulf Island National Seashore. It is beautiful here and we are looking forward to spending some time with my sister and her husband that live here in Pensacola.

We walked out to the beach for some quick photos. It cloudy and threatening rain but it is still very beautiful here.


Boardwalk from our campground to the beach



Jelly fish everywhere. Glad we are not swimming.


Pelicans fishing


Yea, we like it here

We will tour the fort later and see what this island has to offer. Saturday we have plans to meet up with my sister and her husband Dale. There is a Madi Gras parade that we are planning on going to if it does not get rained out.

I still think we have an issue with our landing legs and will have to keep on Lippert to get the issue resolved. Hopefully we can cycle the system enough to keep them up while we travel. We will be back close to the factory in May so we may need to make an appointment to have them replaced.

But for now we are on “Island Time”

Enjoy Your Day!

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