Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Few Days At Batesville

We spent our last few days at Batesville trying to dry out. The rain has finally given way to sunshine however it is now a lot cooler.

After our last rain storm passed we had a nice rainbow start to develop and it turned in to a nice arch. If I was better at camera settings the pictures might have turned out better.

The beginning of the arch


The whole rainbow


It did not hang around long but it was a good sign that the sun was going to shine.

It was time for me to recharge our water softener so I got the salt and went out to shut the water off so I could pour it into the softener. I could not pull the handle down because this toad was seeking higher ground from all the water puddled all around. If I would have pulled the lever down I would have smashed him. Luckily for him I saw him and relocated him to a tree close by.


Friday we had sun in the afternoon so we took a bike ride around the lakes. A few days ago I found this Canadian Goose nest with a couple of eggs in it. Momma was not far away.


We stopped by to see if they had hatched yet and momma was still sitting on the eggs.


While momma was keeping them warm, dad was sunning himself on the dock. I think even the geese have had too much water.


We left the big lake and rode over to two smaller lakes on a small dam that separated the two lakes. On one side we had the turtle clan sunning themselves on a log.



And then on the other we had a family of geese that scurried into the water as we approached.



They are so cute. Too bad they grow up and become a nuisance and leave a mess all around the lakes. Indiana has way too many geese.

We are going to take advantage of the weather on Saturday and leave a day early. This way Max will have a nicer motorcycle ride on our 170 mile drive to Huntington. We can not get into the campground until Sunday so we are going to dry camp at the Wal-mart for Saturday night. We need to buy groceries anyway so this make it convenient.

Enjoy Your Day!


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Wow -- awesome photos of that rainbow!

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