Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fish Fry, RV wash

Since last Sunday we have had pretty cool weather and the fishing started to get better. Our neighbor Stan and I went out Monday and Tuesday morning around 8:00am to add to our catch for a fish fry for Tuesday evening.

We caught several very large bluegill and red ear, and a couple of crappies. I have not cleaned fish for a very long time. Stan showed me a better way to fillet the fish than the way I was doing it. All in all we had about 40 fish.

It has been a great week fishing with him and his “Pond Prowler” boat. I do not get the chance very often to fish from a boat. On these small lakes that is almost the only way to be able to fish them. The shore line is lined with a lot of brush and it is hard to find an open spot.

Tuesday night we had a nice dinner of fresh caught fish, hush puppies, dirty rice and potato salad.

Stan frying the fish



The end result.


It was a fantastic meal and as always I had too much. Thanks Stan and Jo Anne for cooking up the fish and for taking me out everyday. It has been great!

Wednesday Max and I decided to wash the RV. It has been awhile and it really needed it. We were both exhausted when we got it done. Max just kept telling me that it was easier than painting a house!

I will wax it on Thursday and Friday weather permitting. After I get it done then I need to start on the truck and motorcycle before it gets too hot again.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Fish fry looks great. We gave our girl a bath and I need to get started on the waxing- big job.