Saturday, June 4, 2011

Strawberries….Enuff Said!

Thursday we hung out at the RV and relaxed. The weather is getting warmer and we turned our A/C  on, although we sit outside most of the time. We usually wait until it starts getting into the 90’s before we turn on the air.

Most of these kind of day’s are spent sitting outside under the awning and reading, or in my case reading two pages, nap 30 minutes, read two more pages, nap 30 more minutes. This repeats until either a pesky fly keeps interrupting me, or dinner time.

Friday was going to be warmer so I finally got off my duff and took a walk around the park while Max was still sleeping. I walked around a couple of the loops and took some pictures of some of the campsites and small lakes.

The grill in the spot next to us has been turned into a home.


The geese are cute with the babies and all, but the mess they are leaving on all of the campsites is getting out of control. But it is hard not to like the babies.


There are a lot of sites that have a nice view of the lakes. Unfortunately most of those are seasonal sites.DSC_0100


It is a nice walk around the lakes and trees.


Friday evening we went to the small town of Rosedale Indiana. We found out that they were having their annual strawberry festival this weekend.

Strawberries = Shortcake = Whip Cream = David and Max taking the 15 mile ride to desert heaven. I will go WAY out of my way for Strawberry Shortcake. Poor Max has to endure my vices as well. (but I think she likes shortcake as well!)


We have been to many, small town festivals. This by far was the smallest we have been to to date.


And they had bunnies!


And a place for the kids to play


We were hanging around waiting for a live band to start playing. While we were waiting they were having their town beauty pageant.

 I must be getting used to this lifestyle because there would have been no way I would have sat through a beauty pageant in our old lifestyle. Or, Strawberries have a strong hold on me.

There were several girls in the Junior Miss categorie. The winner was 12 years old. She won some money and other prizes.


The older girls categorie was won by a 16 year old girl that was from the local high school. She won a $500.00 scholarship and a few other prizes.


By the time the pageant was done my strawberry haze had worn off and the band was going to play. I must admit that I had prejudged how well the band was going to be. Three of their members could not have been over 16 or 17. The lead singer is around 18 or 20.


They were called the Scott Webster band, and I admit that they were very good. The lead guitar player was at least as good as some of the pros I had seen over the years. They have a showcase scheduled next month in Nashville in front of the major record labels. I think they will make it eventually.

We stayed for their whole performance and enjoyed it very much. There will be more activities and bands the rest of the weekend but I do not think I could resist the elephant ears and other fried fair food so we will probably not go back. Unless the power of the strawberry becomes too much!

We had a nice motorcycle ride in the night air coming home. We made it back around 11:00 and called it a night.

Saturday we are going to take a 40 mile ride over to Brazil Indiana where Maxine’s sister Judy lives. We will visit her Saturday afternoon and evening. Hopefully, the 30 percent chance of rain stay’s away. I think I know of a route that will take us through the strawberry fields.

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurie and George said...

One of the reasons for full-time RV living...small town festivals!

Mike and Terri said...

Funny -- I seem to have the same problem when I read. My eyes are closed more often than they're open.

Love those small town festivals.