Monday, July 18, 2011

Dealing With Low Voltage


Max and I just don’t seem to have the same electricity we use to have. Nope, it has diminished over the last week. Time for some serious changes.

Oh! I am talking about low voltage at the campground pedestal, certainty not our relationship. I still have her mesmerized, (I think).

We are at Spring Lake Resort here in Kalamazoo to spend time with the grandkids. Our inline voltage monitor is showing we are only getting 105 volts on average. Not good!

If you have low voltage continuously it raises the amps drawn and more current is getting to your appliances. This can cause permanent damages, mainly to the A/C compressor motor.

We have not run the A/C since we arrived and it is getting awful hard to sleep at night. During the day we are outside and at the pool or in the shade so it is bearable.

I started doing some research and found out that we need to get a voltage booster. This will boost the incoming voltage by 10 percent if the voltage is between 94 and 115 volts.

It is a bit pricey at around $700 dollars but it is better than buying new appliances. Since we are traveling fulltime we will probably be in a lot of campgrounds with low voltage. The model I am looking at also protects from surges so this should give us about as much protection as we can get.

We have probably been to a number of campgrounds with low voltage and never knew it. I would recommend that every RVer get an inline monitor so at least you know what is coming into your rig.

This model was only about 16 bucks. Available at most RV dealers.


I am looking at getting a Hughes autoformer or something similar.


Until then I think it is time to start up the generators and get some A/C going in the rig.

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike & Christine Shields said...

We've had a Hughes Autoformer for years...would survive without it! It is well worth the price and Hughes is great to deal with if you have any problems with it.

Anonymous said...

try ebay. There is one for less than $300