Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinner with Friends and Paddling The Whitewater River


Monday the weekend campers started clearing out of the campground. When we did our morning walk we did not have to dodge all of the golf carts.

Later, we decided to go to Wal-Mart and get our grocery shopping done. As we were getting ready to go, Rose came by and invited us over for a pulled pork dinner. We quickly accepted and made plans to go over later in the evening.

We got all of our shopping done and headed over to Ralph and Roses site. Ralph had put  a pork roast in the smoker for about 14 hours.

We were here in April and Ralph fixed us some steaks. The man knows his way around the BBQ grill. The pulled pork was fantastic. He also fixed some hamburgers and his special baked beans recipe. All I can say is that if I ever start a cattle ranch and we have a trail drive, I want Ralph as our chuck wagon cook! Thanks Ralph and Rose for another great evening.

Wednesday Max and I decided to get the Sea Eagle Kayak out and do a 8 mile float trip down the Whitewater river. We found a canoe livery that will just do transports if you have your own equipment. They only charged about $10.00. I would have spent more than that doing our own shuttle.

We arrived at Morgan’s Canoe Livery just south of Brookville Indiana around 9:30. The float itself would only take around 3 or 4 hours depending how much we stopped. We arranged our transportation and got the Sea Eagle set up.


The Sea Eagle will fit in our cargo trailer along with all of our gear. This makes it nice so we do not have to take the truck which only gets 7.5 mpg.

We took the kayak to the put in point and was given a river safety talk and where the takeout point was. What was really nice is that they have a phone set up as a hot line in a shack at the takeout point that you use to call them when you are ready to be picked up. Without having a prearranged pick up time, we could take all the time we wanted on the river.

Our put in spot.


From all the rain they had this spring there was a pretty big snag of trees piled up at the bridge pillar.


Some various pictures of the river as we went downstream



It is hard to see, but this bird would fly inches above the water, then splash in and get a bug or small fish. He is just coming out of the water on the left.



We beached for lunch








Our takeout point


The river was very fun and relaxing and was fast enough were we had very little paddling to do. The whole float time was just around 3 hours. We got the kayak wiped down and deflated and put back into its bag and then called for our transport.

Within 10 minutes there was a van there to pick us up and take us back to the canoe livery where we started. It was a great float on a picture perfect day.

We left the canoe livery and headed into Brookville to find us some ice cream. We could not find anything right off so we just stopped at a McDonalds and got a McFlurry.  It wasn’t Dairy Queen but it was still ice cream.

We made it back to the rig around 4:30pm and took showers and headed into Greensburg for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We then enjoyed a nice motorcycle ride back home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This weekend our oldest son and his family are coming down to spend the weekend with us. We then will keep the grand boys and then head to Michigan on Monday. Looking forward to spending time with them.

Enjoy Your Day!


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