Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enjoying The Amenities

The last 4 or 5 days we have just been enjoying the amenities here at the Thousand Trails, Palm Springs Resort. We have played a few games of water volleyball, played some cards and lazed around. Out here Pickleball is real popular and most of the TT Resorts out west have courts. I played a few times last year and just loved it. I finally broke down and ordered a paddle and some balls so I can participate more.

We did go to the Fantasy Springs Casino about 4 miles away. They have a promotion that if you join their winners club and play $20.00 they will give you $60.00 in free slot play. We both ended up about $40.00 ahead and we both still have about $30.00 apiece in our free play accounts.

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We will be leaving here on Monday and will travel about 75 miles to the TT Wilderness Lakes Resort in Menifee Ca. We will have to come back to Palm Springs next week to pick up our mail so we plan on using up those credits at Fantasy Springs then. I am sure we will no longer be ahead when we leave but it is fun while it lasts.

I have done a few repairs on the rig and fixed the sewer pipe that was broken by a piece of tire that I hit on the highway. I also fixed a few cabinet latches that have broken. It seems that once I get everything fixed on my list, I can not go a day without something else popping up that I have to add back to the list. I can have one thing on the list and go for weeks without adding anything. So now I will always have at least one thing at all times on the list.

I just got all the repairs done and then I read where there is a recall on our aluminum wheels. It is an issue with the coating not letting the lug nuts keep the torque. They are telling everyone to keep them torqued at 150 ft pounds. I do that anyway and check them regularly.

I am not sure of their fix yet. I do not know if they are just going to re-work the wheels or replace them. Looks like a dealer visit is in my near future.

We also ordered some new tires for the motorcycle cargo trailer. They were getting a little bald on the tread. I pulled them off and will take them to Tire America and have the new ones mounted.  For about $75.00 it is not worth the risk to wear these down too far.

We are also planning on taking the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway up the mountain and have dinner. It is a rotating tram car and it takes you up to about 8500 feet. It looks like it would be very pretty looking down on the city at night.  It will be too cold to eat outside, but the views should still be good.


Today though the weather is calling for rain and 20 mph winds. We may just wait until Friday to head up and then go to Joshua Tree on Saturday. We are nothing but flexible!

Enjoy Your Day!



Dan & Judy's RV Journey said...

Hey U 2,
Looks like nothing but fun!! Of course work comes with it too. Dans back is doing better & the foot is also coming along. He got a cortizone in the foot then some moldable foot pads. Of course we are patiently waiting for the 20th!! This weekend is The Gold Rush Days & Rodeo., in Wickenburg.
Catch you later, miss ya.
Judy & Dan

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Flexible is good. I know what you mean about "the list" something always needs fixing.