Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Chilin

Ok, I have not blogged for almost a week. Mainly because we have not done too much site seeing this week. The weather has cooled down here and the winds have picked up. The highs are still getting around 60 during the day but with the wind blowing it is pretty chilly. So we have been hanging around the park this week.

Max spent a few days getting the tax’s done and sent off. Since working at Amazon last year we now have to file Kentucky state tax, and she also received a small profit sharing check from her last employer from Indiana. So much for just filing federal this year.

We are waiting for the weather to warm back up this weekend and we plan on taking a motorcycle ride out to the coast. If we head straight west we would be right in between San Diego and L.A. I think we will just find highway 1 and head both directions between the two cities and see what we can find. Once we have a day of scouting the beaches we will head back to spend a full day at the one we like the best.

We are not playing any water volleyball right now due to the cooler weather. Even though the pool is heated, that wind really makes it cold. During the evenings we usually go to the lodge to play cards and visit others. Hopefully the weather warms up so we can start scouting around. Here I am in Southern California, 60 degrees and I am getting spring fever!

Enjoy Your day

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