Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby’s Home and 35 year Anniversary


Mike and Cheryl brought baby Ethan home on Saturday. He is so adorable and so far is a really good baby, but how can baby’s be bad! Once they got home I have been able to win Emma over. Now she will play with me and help me “Fix It” as I help Mike with a few projects around the house. I even get hugs and kisses!  Oh it is going to be so hard to leave here in two more weeks!

Emma, Ethan and Grandma!


We have been busy with dental and Dr. appointments. We still have a few more things scheduled and a few follow ups. I hate having all these appointments crammed into three weeks but at least it is with our Doctors that we have been with for over 25 years.

Monday was Maxine and I’s 35th wedding anniversary. We spent the day getting our physicals. We had to fast the day before for our blood work so we were pretty hungry when they were done. We headed for IHOP for an anniversary breakfast. Our son asked why we did not do anything special….. Lets see, playing with Emma, and holding a new grandbaby  and spending time with family is special!

This week we will try to visit some old friends and get caught up and do some of the things we have missed since our last visit here last year.

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

Happy anniversary!

It sure didn't take you long to win Emma over. Great picture of Max and the grandkids.

Laurie and George said...

Aww, happy anniversary!! What a great way to spend it, with a new granddaughter :)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Two great events, congrats!

Steve and Joan said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great way to spend it.

Phil and Rudee said...

Happy Anniversary!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Happy Anniversary- that Ethan looks like a special gift :).

gypsygirl said...

Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...


Sue said...

happy anniversary!
we have reservations about bringing our MS to Alaska too, so we think we'll buy a used slide in camper for the truck, then sell it when we are done. but we won't be going for a few years.