Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cookout With Friends & Laser Tag


This past Wednesday one of our Goldwing motorcycle club members, Gary and Bev,  invited us over to their house for a cookout. They sent the word around to other club members that we were in the area and invited them over so we could all visit at one time. It was a lot of fun reconnecting with our friends that we have not seen in a few years. We have been on some fantastic rides with this group over the last 20 years. Memories that we hold very dearly. It was really nice getting everyone together. Thanks Gary and Bev for a great evening! 


Bev and Gary also have a couple of new additions to their family (for now anyway). A stray cat delivered around 4 kittens under their deck. The momma carried off two of them but left two. Bev is currently substituting for momma cat by bottle feeding them. They are really cute.



Saturday we spent the day with our grand boy’s Blake and Gage. They wanted to go to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. After the movie we went to play Laser Tag.

Laser Tag equipment, They have sensors on the chest , back, and shoulders where you can be hit.


Laser tag is a game set in an arena that has multiple bases. The players are divided up into teams. The object is to shoot as many players from opposing teams and get to their base and destroy their base target. Lets just say that the boy’s object was to shoot grandma and grandpa as many times as they could. The arena is dark and lit up with black lights and fog.

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The game lasts about 25 minutes and at the end they give each player a score card with all of their statistics on it. Lets just say that the boy’s achieved their goal of scoring hits on grandma and grandpa. We had a ton of fun playing this game.

After the game we went to dinner and then headed over to the Fort Wayne Speedway to watch the races. It was only $20.00 for a carload night. Unfortunately once we got in and watched a few hot laps some storms moved in and they called off the races. They refunded our money but the boy’s were disappointed.

There is only one way to pick up the spirits of a 9 and 7 year old. Ice Cream. We went to a place called Spoonz. It is actually frozen yogurt, but with all the flavors and toppings you could add it did not matter. It was still very yummy.

We took the boy’s home and then headed back to Mike and Cheryl’s. Emma stayed up a little later than her bedtime and snuggled up and watched Mickey Mouse Max while I cuddled up with Ethan. We only have two more days here and we want all the cuddles we can get.

Mike and Cheryl just had a new family portrait done. With a two year old and a newborn it fits what is going on perfectly. We love it.


Enjoy Your Day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

I have always wanted to play Laser tag. Looks fun to me. What a great family picture.

Laurie and George said...

Laser tag is fun. Looks like you guys all had a great time! Love the family picture. :-)

Mike and Terri said...

We're suckers for felines, and those kittens are C-U-T-E!!!

Love the family portrait!

Steve and Joan said...

Great family picture!

Carlene Boley said...

Laser tag is fun, especially if you end it with a very delicious buffet for each of the tired member of the family to enjoy. It's nice to see families engage in a healthy and fun activity. I hope you guys keep it up, and why don’t you indulge in pizza next time?

Dianne Holt said...

Laser tag is such a good recreational activity! It’s just the ultimate experience if you’re looking for precious bonding moments. Anyway, that family portrait is terrifically odd and oddly terrific! :D