Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake Medina Texas


Whew! What a fast pace  week and a half of traveling. In the last week and a half, we flew back from Indiana to San Francisco, drove to Paicines to get the rig. Spent nights in Boron, Ca, Quartszite Az, Phoenix Az, Benson Az., Deming Nm, Ft. Stockton Texas and now have finally landed at Lake Medina in Lakehills Texas. Around 1750 miles and $880 worth of diesel in a week and a half. This is definitely not our normal travel mode.

We are ready to slow it back down now and it will take some adjustments. It seems we have been going 100 mph all summer. We actually was able to sit outside last night for a few hours and just listen to music and watch all the deer in the park.

This Tuesday we have our appointment with the Gate Guard  Company to get our testing, fingerprinting and background check done. Then it will just be a matter of waiting for a gate to open up. We are not sure how long this will take. It could be a week or a month, we really have no way of knowing. That is fine for us, we can hangout here at the park and enjoy the pool. Once we are on a gate a pool is out of the question.

We were here at this park a year and a half ago and I took this picture of Max on the lake shore.


Very little rain since we were here the first time and the ranches use the lake for irrigation. Here is a picture the same direction today. I am glad I did not come here for the fishing. The locals say that this is not the first time the lake has dried up. It has been this way several times over the years.


There is still a large deer population here and it is relaxing just watching them mill about.


Today we plan on grilling some steaks, watching a little Nascar and chillin!

Enjoy Your Day!


Dan and Tricia said...

It's amazing how low the lakes and rivers are. Good luck with your gate guarding paperwork!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Maybe last nights rain helped a little.
Maybe you will get a job out west. We would love to see you. We will be glad to get back to Garden City and chill as we have hit the travel pretty hard ourselves.

Steve and Joan said...

Johnny Cash's song "I've been everywhere man" was playing in my head while I read the start of your blog. Anxious to hear what the gate guarding is like in winter. We are going to be headed to Fernley the end of October for 7 weeks then flying home to Florida for a month. Love watching wildlife!

Phil and Rudee said...

doubt it will take long for a gate to open up for you guys, good luck and enjoy the adventure.