Friday, February 15, 2013

Boondocking Rally & Valentines Day


This week we are in Quartzite Az for the “Boondockers” rally. It is a rally put together by Howard and Linda Payne to help educate people that are interested in “Boondocking”.  Boondocking is basically camping without hookups.

By boondocking you can really escape the crowded campgrounds and be surrounded by nature. The trick is to manage your power and water and holding tanks.

We have boondocked before for 3 weeks last year here at Quartzsite and really enjoy it. We have a couple of Honda generators that help us get by with our electrical needs as we need them. The down side is the noise and cost of gas. We only run them about 3 to 4 hours a day.

This week we have had several seminars that has taught us several things in regards to our electrical system and our lack of certain must have components. We thought we were protected but found out what was suppose to work as our surge protector does not work so in reality we are not protected. This is something we have to correct right away or some surge in a campground could fry some of our appliances.

We are having a blast meeting old friends and making new ones. We even got an overhead view of our group.


We are enjoying the campfires every night visiting with everyone. Several women even brought their laptops out to the campfire so they could include people that could not make it to the rally. They were chatting with them in the RV-Dreams Chat room. Who says you have to rough it in the desert!


Valentines Day Linda Payne and Leesa Palmer made big pots of chili and other women baked deserts, cupcakes and such for our Valentines Day dinner and dance.


The chili needed more liquid so our chefs made a decision to add their secret ingredient. I am sure it was “Light” beer.


Here is a picture that Leesa Palmer took of the festivities.


There was even a dance floor created with luminaries in a big circle for couples to dance. It was a great Valentines Day under the desert sky.

Max and I are learning a lot and although our generators can supply us with most of our power needs we want to make our boondocking more enjoyable. We decided to jump on the solar bandwagon and are going to get a system installed. We have great references for an installer and he can fit us in right after our rally here. He is located back in the Phoenix area so we will have to back track a little to get it installed but we have plenty of time.

We got our start date of 4/21 for our work camping job at Big Bear lake and need to be there on 4/15 for orientation. We will have a good month to play with our new solar equipment before we start. We have several places in mind to go and escape the campgrounds for awhile.

Well time to get back to the fun!

Enjoy your day!


Laurie and George said...

Looks like you all were having a good time! I was too late getting on the chat room, everyone was already sleeping :) Good luck with the solar installation!

Mike and Terri said...

Looks like you're having a blast!