Monday, March 11, 2013

Boondocking Off Olgibly Road (Southern Cal)


After leaving Pipe Organ NM, we spent 3 nights at a RV park in Yuma. Yuma Lakes resort. It is a snowbird park that has all the amenities, but we just needed to get caught up on taxes, groceries and laundry. We figured three days would be enough. We really should have stayed 4 or 5, we were really rushed to get everything done.

Friday morning we tried to extend our stay by three days but they said that they did not have any more coast to coast sites available. They set aside so many sites each day for coast to coast members to use and when they are booked they will not let any more in. Rules are rules but the snowbirds have been leaving in droves and there was plenty of empty sites. I guess next time I will book for my entire 14 day limit then just check out early.

It was raining when we packed up and since we were only going to go about 20 miles, we decided to leave the motorcycle there and come back and get it when the rain quit. By the time we got to our boondocking spot the rain had quit. We unhitched and then made a run back into Yuma to Walmart and to get the motorcycle.

Boondocking here is very remote. We have several neighbors but they are far enough away that we can not hear them.

Our spot in the desert.


It has been a very cool and windy weekend so we have not been outside much. The wind was strong enough for us to keep our bedroom and kitchen slide in most of the day on Saturday and a little on Sunday. I spent the time fixing some minor items on the rig while Max exercised and did some beading.

It is scrub desert here and very little cactus, mainly Palo-Verde trees and Ocotillo.



For solitude this is a great place. I plan on spending the week reading and napping and Max will probably work on her beading. We will mix in some long walks and enjoy the night stars. Friday we will head up to Borrego Springs and boondock some more. There are several hikes there that we want to do and to also see the desert sculptures.

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

You guys are really getting into the boondocking thing..good for you!

Mike and Terri said...

Look at that huge yard you've got! Nice!