Monday, April 15, 2013

Arrived At Big Bear Lake


Sunday we traveled from Palm Desert to Big Bear Lake, elevation 7000 feet. We chose to take highway 38 out of Mentone to get up the mountain. It is a longer route but less of a grade. It was still steep and curvy and the longest grade we have had to climb since we started full timing.

From Mentone to Big Bear City is about 60 miles. My truck computer said that I had 175 miles until empty. I figured that should be enough fuel to get to the campground. All the way up the mountain the truck was recalculating the fuel usage. At about the halfway point I noticed that the computer said I was 80 miles to empty. The truck was really drinking the diesel. We were sweating it because there is no place to get fuel on the way up. When made it to the site and the truck says 14 miles to empty. I hope there is a place that sells diesel real close to us.

We have a very nice spot here, but was concerned about getting the satellite dish locked on. Usually we have three satellites that connect. I could only get two of them to lock on. Luckily the one that we could not get is the high definition satellite. We do not have high definition so it did not matter.

It is a tight spot with the Goldwing, Jeep and truck. We were able to squeeze it all in and we are off the main road, barely. Here is our spot for this summer.


Looking up the road


We are in the RV loop where only RV’s can park. Tent campers must be in the other loops. It is cool up here with the temps in the 60’s and the night time lows right at freezing. It should start the warming trend soon.

We have our orientation on Monday and Tuesday were we will learn more about what our duties will be. We will have a few days or maybe even a week or so before we actually start. This will give us time to get acclimated to the altitude and the area. Max and I both have slight headaches from the thin air. We will have to keep hydrated and hopefully within a day or two we will be back to normal.

After spending the last three months in a desert environment, the tall pines are a beautiful sight. There are lots of birds and squirrels and hopefully we will get to see a black bear this summer, although they tend to stay in a less populated area.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Anonymous said...

wow, your new workcamp spot looks great. congrats on the new jeep. We have 24 months to go and are struggling with the decision to tow a jeep or get a trailer for our bikes. As much as we love the bikes I think we will get more use out of a jeep. Good luck with the bike sale. Kris (Meandering Jaxs)