Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Weekend Camp Hosting


Max and I started our first weekend camp hosting. Our duties are basically to get out by 8:am hop on the golf cart and do a quick check on the bathrooms. There are four bathrooms and there is another couple on duty as well, so we will take two and they will take two.

We then go to the kiosk and get the daily check out and check in reports. We will then drive through two of the loops and if any sites that are open and that are reserved for the night we just switch a sign on the post from open to reserved. The campground does take walk in’s but just for one night. If any open signs are on the posts then they can come in and set up in an open site but they have to be out by 12:00 noon the next day.

After we make sure all the reserved sites for the day are posted as such, we will then drive around to check on all the people that did come in to an open site, and then make sure that they go to the kiosk to check in and pay for the night. As people start checking out we will go to those sites and make sure they are clean, the fire pit is not too full etc. We also will rake around the fire pits and picnic tables.

Sometime around 11:00am we will go and do a pretty good cleaning on the bathrooms. Once or twice a week we will do a major cleaning which involves scrubbing the floors washing the outside of the building and raking around the building.

This is not hard work, but we are in the busiest campground and right now we are only full on the weekends. We will only work about 25 hours a week right now but will go to 40 in May or June. Come June we will be full seven days a week until after Labor Day.

Here is a map of the campground, we are in host site 38 in the middle.


Here are a few campsite pictures




Last evening we heard a bunch of sirens and airplanes and helicopters. We knew something major was going on. Just about a mile or two west of us there was a fire and we could see the smoke rising well into the air. The airplanes and helicopters were dropping fire retardant. Luckily there was no wind and within a couple of hours the smoke started to diminish. Whew! We sure did not want to evacuate.

Switching gears to our electrical problems, we are still without power to the rig. We do have a couple of cords coming under the slide from the post. We are able to plug in one heater and run the tv and satellite. We can also unplug it from those and plug in the microwave. We can do laundry if we do one load at a time.

Our solar installer Ron is really stepping up. He is ordering a new service panel and once he gets it he is going to drive from Phoenix to Big Bear to get us fixed. So it will be another week before he can probably get the parts and then get here.

We will get buy ok but it is still a pain. Then we read about our friends Phil and Rudee who are going through a flood and could not evacuate their motorhome, their truck and their motorcycle. Our problems are minor compared to what they are going through. We are praying that the water does not do too much damage, and that they can get back into their home soon.

That’s it for now!

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

It seems like there are a lot of problems out there in RV-land! Hope you guys get that electric fixed soon. Sounds like a great workamping gig!

Steve and Joan said... your newest post. Sure hope your electrical problem gets fixed soon. In the meantime you get to enjoy the outdoors.

John and Carol said...

Looking forward to reading more about your experiences as camp hosts. The campground certainly has the " it" factor for us. Pretty sites.

Hopefully your electricity will be fixed sooner than later. It sounds like your mornings and nights will be chilly. Snuggle up!

Alexander Creswick said...

It seems that your camp trip is full of challenges. Hope electrical problems will be fixed soon. Regardless, the camp site is quite awesome—from the looks of it. Anyway, you'll have an enjoyable motorhoming adventure someday. Would love to hear from you soon. Cheers!