Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Electrical Fixed & A Busy Weekend


Last Friday Ron from D& R Family RV drove up from Phoenix and replaced our electrical breaker box, and re-wired everything.  We are pretty sure that the root cause was a neutral wire coming loose and arcing. It really arced when we had a heavy load on it running our fireplace and convention oven at the same time.

It took Ron about 5 hours to get the box replaced and then we went through all the circuits to make sure everything was labeled correctly. We turned on each appliance and watched the amperage draws and determined everything looked like it should. We even went through which appliances were wired into each leg of the 50 amps coming to the rig. We can monitor all of it through our progressive inline power monitor.

I really want to thank Ron at D&R Family Rv for outstanding service. I thought that since we were 7 hours away we would be on our own and I would have to pressure him to help us. This was not the case, once he learned of our issue he stepped right up and said he was coming to fix it. He did not trust another electrician or service company he wanted to make sure it was fixed correctly. He ordered the new box from Mobile Suites and came as soon as he could.

So now we are getting back to normal and are getting into a work routine. We worked Friday Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being the busiest due to all the check outs. We were pretty tired after raking 50 or so sites and cleaning the bathrooms and went to bed pretty early.

We have Monday through Wednesday off this week and are getting caught up on laundry, financials, and groceries. We are going to go down the mountain today to get our staples from Walmart, hit a camping world and then since there just happens to be a casino along the way that has a seafood buffet tonight we will stop by there for dinner.

Here is a great view from Boulder Park here at Big Bear Lake


Max doing a little rock scrambling while we were exploring the area


Louie Welcomes visitors to Big Bear Lake


Beautiful homes in the area as well


The campground won’t be full until Friday night so we are not too busy on Thursday and Friday. We have deep cleanings to do on two bathrooms so we will do one on Thursday and one on Friday to split it up. Then it gets a little crazy on Friday and Saturday nights with the weekenders letting off a little steam. Luckily they hire weekend security but we may still get the knock on the door with someone requesting another campsite to quite down.

That’s it for now, we are going to head down the mountain and enjoy the day. Be sure to enjoy yours!


IL Camper said...

Glad to hear you got the electrical issues fixed. Looks like a great workamping job. Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing about your experiences. Thanks Curt

Mike and Terri said...

Wow! I'd say D&R Family RV gets an A+ for customer service!

gypsygirl said...

So glad to hear everything is back to normal!

Tom and Marci said...

That looks like a really nice place to spend the summer! Glad to hear that you got those electrical problems fixed!