Monday, May 20, 2013

Identity Crisis


This last week we have been very busy. The campground is full on the weekends but we are getting quite a few campers in during the week. For the most part it has been enjoyable. Sundays are really tough when the whole campground checks out and we have to go and clean and rake each site. This only takes us about 10 minutes each site but if the fire pit is over half full we have to clean it out. That is time consuming and the ashes can get pretty heavy.

Most of the campers are fun and are great to interact with. There are a few however that we wished would just go back to the city. They just can not seem to follow any campground rules at all. We had to tell one group to please put their pet on a leash four times within 3 hours. Keep the music to a level that would not cause the windows to break 5 campsites away. Plus they got into a domestic dispute and let the whole campground in on their issues. Plus they decided to trash the restrooms and break some things.  For the most part though everyone has been great. It is just that one percent that ruins it.

We took the Jeep in for service last Monday and we are picking it up this morning. Hopefully the head change will be our last issue for awhile. I would like to at least get past the first oil change before any other gremlin pokes it head up.

We also got a call on our motorcycle that is for sale from a dealer in Chino California that will sell it on consignment. He only has a 10 percent flat fee and has a lot more traffic coming into his store than we could get up here on the mountain.

We were all set to take it to him today as we picked up the Jeep, but we got a call from a guy on Sunday and he and his wife came up to look at it. He does not have his motorcycle endorsement but knows how to ride and plans on taking the Motorcycle Safety Course to get his license. I took both him and his wife on a ride and they really liked it. They said they needed to discuss it and would call us back later in the evening. They called us about 6:00pm and told us that they wanted the bike. We told them that we could deliver it since he does not have his license yet and they are pretty close to us.

It is going to be hard not having the motorcycle. I have had one since I was 7 years old and motorcycling has always been a big part of my life. So I will probably go through an identity crisis for awhile. I will have to change the blog title and change our contact cards. We will no longer be Wandering Wingers. I will have to come up with something.

So today we will take our last ride as we deliver the motorcycle. I will ride it to the Jeep dealer to pick up the Jeep and then Max will ride it to the new owners house.  We will sure miss it, but it will be for the best and we will open a new chapter with the Jeep.

Goodbye Old Friend Sad smile


Enjoy Your Day!


IL Camper said...

Dave, I will be going through the same circumstances next year when we go full time so I have some idea of your emotions. I still think you should keep the Blog title the same since you could still be Wingers but "winging it through life". I think we all do that to some extent. Also you never know when you might have another motorcycle. MY humble opinion. Hang in there and think of all the other things you can look forward to doing. Enjoy the Ride. Curt

Al and Karen said...

Al went through the same emotional crisis before we left NY when he had to let go of his sportfishing boat. Something that was such a huge part of your identity is really tough to let go.
Leashes..ah yes. I think my best was last summer. Everyone was informed upon check in that dogs must be leashed at all times. As we were walking our own one day, we saw a dog, leash attached to him, unfortunately not attached to the owner at the other end. Really?? Do we really have to say dogs must be leashed AND the owner holding the othe end? Jeez :-).

Steve and Joan said...

I'm thinking Wandering Wranglers....Joan suggested Jeepers Creepers

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Now that we have purchased a condo in Florida and will only be living in an RV part time, we are having a bit of an identity crises ourselves. But, it is all good things change and that is OK.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I try to check in on you guys occasionally... But I never expected this! My heart is aching for you! You guys were always such a big part of the Gold Wingers... Life is full of change... some change is just harder to except! Miss and love you guys! Regardless of what you do or do not own, you'll always be Wingers to me! -Hollywood

gypsygirl said...

I know that it must be hard to give up the bike but it is a new phase in your live just like selling your house. Glad you found a buyer. I wouldn't change your blog name.

Carole Brownell said...

Hi Dave and Max,

Sorry to see that you sold your Wing on one hand, but on the other you will have fun with the Jeep I am sure. Clinton said he has a new name for your blog, how bout Jeepers Creepers. Hahaha. You know him and his sense of humor. I am going to try to call you guys tonite or tomorrow. We are thinking about taking a "gate" and would like to pick your brain if that's ok. Talk with you later and enjoy your jeep. We got a Honda CR-V and so far really love it.

Take Care,
Carole and Clinton Brownell

Janice L Evans said...

Just visited Colorado River Preserve. . .and parked in the spot you guys were in last year when we met you.

Got me to thinking that I haven't read an update from y'all since you did the Christmas tree lot. . .which got me to thinking. . .why have I not seen an update?

I guess when Google did away with Google Reader I didn't get y'all switched over. . .but now I found ya. . .and I gotta get caught up. . .except for having no electric. . .things seem to be going well? ? ?

You can send me a note if you like. .

Sue said...

It will take a while, but you'll get used to it. Have fun with the Jeep! Paul and I debated a scooter to put on the bike rack, but have decided against it for now.

Liama Jhons said...

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