Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun Week and Family Is Coming


This past week they changed our work routine around a little. We take care of two loops and two bathrooms in the campground. Unfortunately we did not take care of the loop that we are parked in. Not sure why that was but it makes sense for us to support the loop that we are in.

We were getting knocks on our door for firewood and for help with the water constantly, so it makes sense that we would take care of this loop.  We still have two loops and two bathrooms and ended up with a few more sites to clean but the two busiest bathrooms are now divided between the two couples. It should work out okay.

Our son David and his wife Beth are flying into Los Angeles today and they will arrive here sometime this evening. Mom and dad are ready for some big hugs. Our boss has been great and has given us a couple of personal days off to put at the end of our normal Monday Tuesday off days. Four whole days in a row to spend with them.

We are planning on leaving real early on Tuesday morning and take a road trip to the Grand Canyon. It will be about a 5 hour drive or so and we have a reservation there to spend the night and return on Wednesday. It is going to be a fun week and a busy one for sure.

This past week we took a Jeep trip from Big Bear lake to Lake Arrowhead. The trail was not as scenic as last weeks trip but still very pretty.

We pulled the top off and love the open air. Not quite as good as the motorcycle but it has it’s own fun factor.




We passed this trail and this Jeep had gotten high centered on a boulder. He had all the right tools to get the jeep going again. He hooked up his winch to another boulder and was able to get free. It was interesting to watch how he did it. I do not think I want to try this.


We made it to Lake Arrowhead and found a great Mexican restaurant on the lake shore. Max had the Tacos and I had the Enchiladas.



On the way back I stopped and took pictures from highway 18 around the Running Springs area.



We made it back home in the early evening and called it a day.

Since we took the Jeep top off, we needed to protect it from the dust, dew and rain. I ordered a cover for it so we can just leave the hardtop off for the summer. It is real light and is easy to put on and take off.


That’s about it for this week.

Enjoy your day!

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Steve and Joan said...

If you were here in Colorado you'd have to make sure to tie that top on securely! Can't believe how much the wind blows here!