Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lake Meade


Max and I pulled out of Barstow and headed to  Lake Meade National Park just outside of Boulder City and Vegas. We plan on Boondocking in several locations over the next several weeks.

Lucky for us, we have some friends that we met at our first RV-Dreams rally three years ago, that are volunteering here at the park. Steve and Joan Crowe, and you can read their blog here, fosj.

Steve and Joan arranged for us to spend our first two nights at the volunteer campground. This would give us full hook ups, a place to fill the tanks before we started our boondocking, and a chance to go scout the area. They are on the road/trail maintenance crew and they have driven all the dirt roads in the park. They already had several spots for us to investigate when we arrived. THANK YOU so much Steve and Joan for getting us the campground. It was nice having it so we could have a couple of days to scout first.

We pulled in on Friday afternoon and after getting set up we all headed to dinner in Boulder City. We ate a very charming restaurant called the Southwest Diner, and wouldn’t you know it I forgot my camera. We had a very nice dinner and got caught up on what we have all been doing since we last met.

After dinner Steve and Joan showed us some new games to play. One was Qwirkle a game using tiles that have different shapes and colors on them. It was a fun game but would take me a little bit more time to figure it out due to my color blindness. The next was a card game called Golf. That is a fun game and we finished up the evening playing that.

On Saturday Max and I went to an area called Telephone cove, where we can boondock right on the water at the beach area. We plan on spending some of our time here for sure. Here is one picture from where the rig will be parked.


After checking out the Telephone Cove area, Max and I drove into Vegas to find some bead stores for some supplies for Max. After that we were able to get the Jeep to the dealership where we bought it for an oil change. We made it back to the campground around 7:30 and just relaxed for the rest of the night.

On Sunday, Steve and Joan took us on a tour of the north section of the park and to the Valley of Fire State Park. We looked at other boondocking area’s and found where we can go and dump and take on more water. We then headed to Valley of Fire for a short hike and a picnic lunch.

Here are some pictures from the hike.




Joan and Max




Then we found some petroglyphs


And a natural water tank.


And a rare picture of us together in front of the petroglyphs


We made it back to the campground in time for Steve to go to his softball meeting and games. Max and I relaxed a little then headed into Boulder City for a Mexican dinner.

On Monday morning we made our move out to Stewarts Point and got set up, then relaxed the rest of the day taking in the views.

This is our spot for the next week or so.


Boondocking Lake Meade

The rest of this week we will be exploring some back roads with the Jeep, and enjoying the warmer days. We have plans to go and take the Hoover Dam tour and I am sure the lure of Vegas will draw us back in for at least one day.

Enjoy Your Day!



Tom and Marci said...

Looks beautiful! We want to stop up that way sometime after we leave Lake Pleasant, so I'm paying careful attention to your posts!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looking good- great picture of the two of you.