Monday, March 3, 2014

Lake Mohave, Laughlin and Quartzsite


Since the last update, Max and I moved about 80 miles from Stewarts Point on Lake Meade to an area called Telephone Cove on Lake Mohave. It is about 4 miles outside of Laughlin Nv. and down a 5 mile dirt road with lots of bumps and a few steep grades.

Getting down that road was so worth it though, because we could camp right on the water.


Our view from our dining table window


There were several other campers along the beach, so we were not secluded like we were at Stewarts Point but it was still very enjoyable.

We were able to easily get our Sea Eagle out and paddle around the lake.


Looking back at the beach. Our Rv is in the middle of the picture.



We paddled around on the calm water and investigated some of the little islands. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom in 20 to 30 feet deep below.

We also spent some time driving some back roads and exploring some petroglyphs



And of course a little rock scrambling


The drive through Christmas Tree Pass was very pretty and we found a great place to stop and have lunch.


And of course we had to go into Laughlin a couple of nights to try out the seafood buffet and a Mexican Restaurant.


We took a day to drive up to Boulder City so Max and Joan could go bead shopping. Steve and I decided to take in a movie while the ladies shopped. We then had to say our goodbyes and see ya down the road to Steve and Joan. Thanks guy’s for showing us around the area and hanging out with us, it was so much fun. I know we will see each other soon.

We finally left our nice little cove and headed down to Quartzsite. Max wanted to go to the bead store there on our way back to Aguanga, and I wanted to eat at the Grubstake.  They have the  best fish and chips I have ever had.

We made it back to our home park last Thursday and have been getting caught up on a few things. After being out boondocking in the desert for the last four weeks getting back to having full hook ups is like being at a five star resort.

This weekend we will be taking the Jeep to Phoenix and spending the weekend with Max’s mom. We are going to help Max’s sister and her husband paint mom’s house. If all goes well we should get back to Aguanga on Monday. Then we will play here until our report date back at Big Bear on April 13th.

Time is flying fast, and we will be back to work before we know it. I have a few projects to get done on the rig before we go back to work. One of which is to install a reverse osmosis system. We have been buying gallon jugs each week for drinking water. Here we can re-use the jugs and save money but up at Big Bear there is not a refill station. By installing the reverse osmosis system it will pay for itself by us not buying gallon jugs each week.

We have some RV-Dreamer friends that came into the park here at Aguanga while we were out playing in the desert. We met Gary and Leesa Palmer at our first RV-Dream rally in Tennessee three years ago, plus spent some time with them in Quartzsite last winter. We have plans for dinner this week and to get caught up before they leave later in the week.

Hope our northern friends and family are enduring the latest snow storms ok. Spring is almost here!

Enjoy Your Day!




Tom and Marci said...

You guys are really getting adventurous with the boondocking! There's no way I could convince Tom to pull our RV 5 miles on a dirt road!! :) Looked like a nice spot you found, though!

Laurel Owen said...

I was thinking the same thing. No way could I get George to drive even 5 feet down a dirt road to camp. He's missing out on a lot :-) Beautiful spot on the lake!