Monday, September 21, 2015

Back in Utah


We made it back to Utah a little over two weeks ago over Labor Day Weekend. We left Miles City Montana and drove halfway to Riverton Wy. Over Labor Day weekend it is impossible to get a campground without reservations so we just boondocked in the Wind River Casino parking lot for the night. All of our co-workers had the same idea. We all met up in the parking lot and settled in for the night. Of course we had to go try out the casino for awhile. 

We drove the rest of the way the next day to Nephi Utah. Just south of Salt Lake City and right off off the interstate. We will be working here for several weeks and then maybe a few weeks in Arizona before we are done for the year.

Utah is a very pretty state, and the areas we see are just amazing. It of course is not as nice as all of the national parks that are in the state, but we do not have crowds.

photo_1 (8)

The roads we get to drive can range from barely able to see, to a nice long rolling trail.

photo_2 (7)

We have been way back in the mountains on some pretty steep roads. I don’t mind the up-hills and down hills so much but when we are off camber and its loose rock and the Jeep is sliding sideways down the mountain, it gets a little tense.

The reward though is to find abandoned mines, and structures.

photo_1 (4)

photo_2 (4)

photo_2 (3)

photo_2 (5)

photo (2)

We came down one steep grade, and at the bottom we found this guy in the middle of his lunch. Looks like he caught a chipmunk. He was not happy with me taking his picture, but I figured I was pretty safe as long as his mouth was full. Max was not so convinced.


We are not quite sure when our season will end. We were asked if we wanted to do an additional three weeks or so in Arizona. It may be in the month of November or it may wait until February. If it’s in February we will be pretty close anyway so it won’t be a big deal to head over to Arizona for a few weeks. Besides, it puts us closer to see Max’s mom and sister on the weekends.

As of right now we will spend at least another couple weeks here in Utah, but the boss is talking about sending us up to meet up with another team in Malta Montana or possibly meet up in Oregon. It is still up in the air but we are flexible either way. The down side is that getting further north in the fall means it will be colder. As long as we can avoid snow, all is good.

Our co-workers Steve and Joan (FOSJ) will be leaving us this coming weekend. Steve is very involved in softball, and the Huntsman Senior Games are held in St. George in a few weeks. Steve’s team will be playing in the tournaments. We wish him all the best and will be rooting for him. We will miss them when they leave, they are great friends and a great couple to work with! Thanks guys for the summer full of memories. I know we will do it again soon!

Until next time!

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Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Cool picture of the snake! I just talked to Steve and Joan, sounds like you guys have been busy and will be moving again soon. We are going to be in Arizona this winter, we should meet up for a beer!

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Looking forward to it Jim!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

If you have to encounter a rattlesnake, finding it with its mouth full is a good time to do it:)

Laurel Owen said...

So sorry that with some 'proximity' we were not able to hook up while we were in Montana. You guys had a great summer!