Wednesday, February 17, 2016

On The Road Again!


We have had a pretty busy February so far. Playing in the resort and volunteering where we could and enjoying all of the social dinners and dances at the clubhouse. We have been pretty involved working on replacing shed roofs at many of the sites. The current shingled roofs are 25 years old so we are replacing them with metal roofs.  We have several teams working in various locations. Hopefully we can get them all done by next year.

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Volunteerism is a big part of Jojoba. When you join here it is expected that you will volunteer in some fashion. It does not have to be alot, simply helping out in the mail room, library or on some committee is appreciated. There are lots of things to volunteer for and there is something for everyone. Here people from the landscape committee are working around one of our ponds.


Our time at Jojoba is at an early end this winter, we are currently in Quartzsite Az, boondocking for a few days and headed for Tucson to visit our friends Rayn and JJ. Our plan is to attend the Tucson Rodeo and parade. Then at the end of the month we will start our routing and inventory job again somewhere here in Arizona.

This year we may be doing alot more dry camping to be closer to the work areas, so we elected to take the fifth wheel instead of the motorhome due to the fifth wheel having solar and larger tank capacities.

We will work for a couple of weeks and then take a quick two week vacation to fly back to Indiana to see the kids towards the end of March. Then we will catch back up with our co-workers ethier back here in Arizona or up in Utah.

Our last few days at Jojoba, our friends Rick and Teresa helped us move our old neighbors Jim and Nora to a house in Temecula. Rick and Teresa are taking Jim and Nora’s site and will become our new neighbors. Yay!!

Jim and Nora treated us all to a Pizza dinner at an authentic Chicago pizza restaurant called Rosati’s. Jim is a retired fire fighter from Chicago and knows his pizza!  We had a thin crust and then a deep dish. Fantastic pizza!

Jim and Nora and the deep dish!


This last Saturday we had a big get togethor with some friends before we left on Tuesday. Dwain and Deb our newest Jojobians and neighbors, smoked a tri-tip and I smoked some pork loins, and of course Teresa, Max , and the other couples brought some salads and appetizers. It was quite the spread and I think I gained 5 pounds that day! Afterwards we sat around a fire and enjoyed the evening.


Sunday and Monday we got the fifth wheel packed up and ready to travel. It has been a year since I last pulled it out of the site. Max had to go through all of the cabinets to make sure things would travel ok. I had some outside projects like fixing an A/C cover, lubing the suspension and check air pressures, oil checks etc.. We decided to move the motorhome up from storage and put it into our spot so we could plug it in to keep the house batteries charged. I also put a battery tender on the engine battery to keep it up as well.

We hate leaving Jojoba so early, it is such a great atmosphere there and so many things to do, but getting back on the road also is exciting. We are looking forward to seeing some new places this spring and summer and can’t wait to get back to see the kids and grandkids in a few weeks.

Arriving at Quartzsite we found a place not to far from town to stay for a couple of nights. Our first to do was to go get our fish fix at the Grubstake bar and restaurant. They have great fish but the service can be slow and the quality not as good during the peak time here in January. We come in December or February when they are not as busy.

Max with a two piece meal! Yummy!!


We have plans to meet with some friends Jim and Barb on Wednesday whom we met last year up in Utah. Of course food and drink will be the theme and catching up with all of thier adventures from last we met. They have a great blog  

That’s it for now! Time to enjoy this day!!



Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Great seeing you guys yesterday! We will have to stop by jojoba next year......

Pam Beers said...

We enjoyed meeting you both and will follow your wandering on your blog, till we meet again! Red and Pam

Kent and Martha Fites said...

Hi Dave & Max
Sounds like you are having the time of your lives. Those GM days are way far gone, but we also miss having you around and doing the
motorcycle gigs, but life moves on.
Be safe, & have a blast as I am sure you are. Have a wonderful visit with the family

Miss you both
Kent & Martha

Kent and Martha Fites said...

And good job on the Jeep....Good luck on the surgery Maxine.
Kent & Martha

Tom and Marci said...

That's pretty good, having 2 RVs the choose from depending on your needs while travelling! Looking forward to following your adventures!