Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Indiana Visit & Hanging Out in Palm Desert


It has been well over a month since my last update . We just made it back from a fun two week trip visiting family back in Indiana. We were able to spend one week each with both of our boy’s. Getting there was not easy. Our plane was to leave Mesa around 1:15, but due to mechanical problems we did not get off the ground until around 8:30pm. We landed in South Bend Indiana at about 2:30am.

Luckily the rental car people stayed until we arrived so we were able to get our rental car. Our hotel was just across the street so we did not have far to go. In the morning we took the hour and a half drive down to Fort Wayne, where we spent our first week with David and Beth and the grandboy’s Blake and Gage.

We had a great week catching up, playing games with the boys and visiting some old friends. Of course, no visit with Blake and Gage can take place without our traditional laser tag games. They are getting older and will be into thier early teens when we see them next, we just hope they don’t want to up the ante from laser tag to paintball!




David & Beth


David and Beth took some time off during the week so we were able to catch up while the boys were in school. We had a great time, but our week had come to an end and it was time to head to Mike and Cheryls place just south of Chicago.

It was Easter Sunday and we were invited to go to Cheryls parents house to have dinner and to celebrate Emma’s (our mutual grandaughters) birthday.

Luckily the weather turned sunny and warmer so we were able to be outside and watch the kids do an easter egg hunt and play.

Emma blowing out her six candles.


After the party we drove the two hours up to Mike and Cheryls house where we stayed for the next week. Mike took a weeks vacation and Cheryl and Emma and Ethan were off for spring break.

There was plenty of time for grandma and grandpa time.




Mike, Cheryl, Ethan and Emma


We had a great time back in Indiana and on our last day there we got a phone call from our boss saying that our start time would be delayed for a little bit longer. They were thinking towards the 25th of April, and we would be starting near Carson City Nevada. So we made reservations at the Thousand Trails park near Palm Springs, where we could hang out until we got the word for sure to head up that way.

Our flight back to Mesa was uneventful. We spent the night at Max’s sisters house then we headed down to Casa Grande to pick up our rig. We got hitched up and headed up to the casino near Phoenix to spend the night and to stock back up on groceries. We left the next day to spend a couple of nights in Quartzsite then on Friday April 9th we landed at the TT Palm Springs Resort.


It is near the end of the season here so it is fairly quiet. Not much pickleball action and the temps are starting to get into the mid 90’s. We are so close to our spot at Jojoba Hills that we decided to take a trip over and leave the back seat of the Jeep in our shed. By removing the back seat we can have more room for needed emergency items and other things to make sure we are prepared to be off on our own everyday.

Palm Desert has a street fair every Saturday and we decided to go check it out. We found some things we were looking for and also found some yard art for our lot at Jojoba, so we had to take another trip over the mountain to unload it. It is only an hour trip and the drive up the Palms to Canyon highway is very senic. We were also able to visit a few friends as well.

We got the call that we should be starting on the 25th. I say should because things change very easily with this type of work. The office could have some issues or the field crew leads could have a problem or even the BLM might want to delay things for some reason. So we just become very flexable!

Our plan is to leave Palm Desert on Thursday and head up to Lone Pine Ca. for a couple of nights, then to get into the Carson City area by Saturday night.  We are still not quite sure where we will be staying, and we might end up just dry camping to start with. That’s okay with us, that’s why we brought the fifth wheel for this year.

Thats it for now!

Enjoy Your Day!







Laurel Owen said...

Nice to be able to spend time with families. We're learning how to be flexible in this job too.

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

I bet you are anxious to get to work, you are going to see some beautiful country!