Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day of Offerings


Pretty much a quite day in the apartment. Maxine is under pressure to get the baby blanket she is cross-stitching done before baby Emma arrives. Well her timeline got moved up to April 1st when Mike called and said that they were going to have the baby on April 1st via C-section. The baby is showing 8lbs 11 oz via an ultra sound, so between that and some other health concerns for Cheryl  the doctor decided to go with the C-section. The kids are excited knowing that it is almost time. They have no idea on how their lives will change for ever on April 1st.

Better get busy Grandma!!

Here is a picture of the Crib I made for Emma


And here is another one when Mike and Cheryl completed the nursery. Great job kids!


Also today we got an offer on our 2001 GMC truck that I had advertised on Craigslist. The guy came and drove it and made us a good offer. We accepted it and now we have one less vehicle to sell. We still need to sell Maxine’s Goldwing, and later the travel trailer and the Impala.

David Jr. called around 10:00am and told us he received an offer from General Dynamics to work as a software programmer. It is an Intern position that should work well with his last year of school. It will pay more than his other job at Eddy’s. He is really excited about this opportunity. This is the goal he has been working so hard for for the last 4 years. Congratulations son!

This week we also made a decision on our fifth wheel. More on that to come!


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