Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plans Are Shaping Up


Decisions can be a tough thing sometimes and making sure you make a good one is important. Short term decisions have always been easier because we could most always work around it if the decision turned out not to be a good one. Now as we enter our next stage of life the decisions on which truck and fifth wheel to purchase is critical because we will need to keep these units for a very long time. We definitely do not need any major breakdowns or repairs during our first few years down the road.

As for the truck we need it really is not a question. The few fifth wheels that are rated for full time use weigh between 14500 lbs and 20,000 lbs. We need a truck that is rated to pull the heavy loads. With out going to a big HDT like a Freightliner Fl60 our choices are between GM’s HD3500 and Fords F350, F450.

GM’s HD 3500 is rated to pull 16000 lbs for a fifth wheel. This would work if we bought a lighter rig but we will need to replace the rig down the road and what weight will that rig be in the future. The Ford F350 is rated to pull 20,000lbs fifth wheel and the F450 is rated to pull 24,000lbs. Now we also have to keep the weight of the truck and fifth wheel within the CGVWR (combined gross vehicle weight rating). The Ford F450 has a CGVWR of 32,000lbs. This decision was made by itself. Even though I owe my income to GM, they just do not have a truck that can handle what I need to pull safely.

So with all that said we ended up finding a new 2010 Ford F450 on a dealer lot that had everything we needed to pull a heavy rig. We went with a 2010 instead of waiting for the 2011 to come out in July because of the rebate program’s Ford has going on. We know that when the 2011’s  come out there will be no rebates for a long time.

Now that the truck purchase is completed we can concentrate on the fifth wheel.

Here is a pick of what our new truck looks like.


Stay tuned to the next big decision on which fifth wheel will become our new home. Decisions Decisions!!!


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