Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain and More Rain

It’s been raining off and on for the past few days. Nothing real heavy but just enough to keep us inside.

I like hearing the rain gently hit the RV roof and it make for good sleeping background noise. Max on the other hand has to use earplugs because the noise keeps her up.

We had our grandsons over last Thursday for the evening. I took them fishing with their little poles. The reels need to be rewound and lubricated because the little guys could not cast out very far. So I had to cast for them. It’s not much fun to fish if grandpa is doing all of the casting. We caught one little fish. We were using Bee moths and worms. The youngest grandson is finicky with bugs and such but I got him to hold a bee moth. He then wanted to go and see if grandma wanted to hold it. Then I got him to hold the worm and he also wanted to see if grandma wanted to hold it. He played with the worm more than he fished. Mission accomplished.

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends that we have not seen in awhile. We went to a Mexican restaurant that we had not been to in a long time. It was a very enjoyable evening and I overate as usual.

Saturday and Sunday we have just been staying in the RV reading and watching TV waiting for the rain to stop. In between the showers we would get out and walk. Saturday the campground owners came by and told us that they were having a pot luck dinner at the pavilion. We decided to go because we could then meet the other RVers in the campground. Unfortunately that means more food to tempt us. I had lost 50 pounds when we sold the house in January and I have put back on 8 pounds. I have been off the reservation for awhile and need to get back on track.  Loosing weight is a very hard thing to do when everyone socializes around food. We had a goodtime meeting and talking with everyone that came.  We have a lot of GM employees that transferred here to this plant staying at the campground until they find a home. Some are just going to stay at the campground fulltime and keep their homes in their home state.

Sunday we read and helped Mike move a refrigerator he bought for his garage. It looks like Monday is going to be more rain so we will try to get our walks in early and have another lazy day.

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