Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Washing the Beast and Taking a Tour


On Sunday Max and I finally got around to washing the truck. We discovered two things. 1. The truck is huge! and 2. We can not reach all of the painted surfaces to clean and polish. We may need to get a small step stool or some long handled wash mitts. We got it done in about 2 hours. We brought it home and parked it in the parking area where the birds are doing their business all over it already. Well it lasted for a while.

Monday we got up and headed to Howe Indiana to go to the DRV factory to see our rig on the line. We expected it to just be getting the walls on it, however they had to pull some units out of line due to a parts shortage so that moved our rig up a few spots.

When we arrived we were surprised to see that it already had the wall up, slides in and they were installing some cabinetry.

Here are some exterior pics. The rig is scheduled to go to paint on Wednesday


Max coming out the door


Dining Slide


Living Room and Bedroom Slide


Water manifold system


View from the bedroom steps


Kitchen View


Washer Dryer Closet


Bedroom Vanity

We had a very good tour and the rig had all of the the change requests that we wanted. From what we could see they are doing a good job building the unit. Not to many company’s will allow the customer to come in while their unit is being built. This just adds to our comfort level on the quality of the rig we purchased.

The rig is suppose to go to paint on Wednesday. and then they will have it about another week. We should be able to take delivery in mid May. I hope we can get the travel trailer sold soon. We will need the space!

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