Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wind, Windy, and Windier

We have been staying out at the campground for the last 5 days and getting the area set up the way we want it. We brought the glider swing and our big grill out from storage and set them up. Other seasonal campers are starting to come out and get their site’s set up for the season as well. The weather has been very warm and people are starting to come out and play.

The wind has been strong since we came out 5 days ago, it seems to be getting worse every day. We have had gusts up to 50 mph. With this much wind we have not used our awning.  So we have been soaking up the sunshine and getting a little burned in the process. I will still take it over cloudy, cold, rainy day’s anytime.

On Monday, Max and I put together the carrier we are going to put on the back of the fifth wheel to carry the elliptical machine. They look like this.



The idea is that I can use the built in ramp on the carrier to wheel the elliptical up onto the carrier and then strap it down. The elliptical will fold in half and fits the carrier platform perfectly. We had some trouble getting the elliptical to roll up the ramp. In order to get it to roll you have to tip it up., however the front nose of it was hitting the incline of the ramp which did not allow us to push it up the ramp. We decided that we were going to need a wench to drag it up. I bought a small come along wench and it worked very well.

Now that we got the elliptical loaded we took it to a local canvas company to make us a custom cover to fit over it while it is loaded and for when we are not using it. The carrier is not as stable as I like so after we get the fifth wheel I am going to make the carrier into a three point hitch set up to give us added stability.

On Tuesday we had our grandson’s spend the day with us. The first thing they wanted to do was to go fishing. The wind so so strong there was no way I was going to try to fish. So we kept them entertained by hiking around the lake and playing on the playground. On the trail Blake spotted a geocache that was hidden. He was really excited about it. The cache was a small cameo container clamped to a tree branch about 25 yards off the trail. Heck I have trouble finding them with a GPS. Good eye’s Blake!

We did get a build date for the new fifth wheel. it is suppose to go online on April 15th and come off on April 22nd. We are going to try to drive up so we can take some pictures of it being built. That will be fun for sure!

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