Sunday, April 11, 2010

Relaxing and Puttering Around

The last few days we have just been relaxing a little and puttering around. We had some very windy day’s so we were not outside too much. We have started to get into a routine each day. I usually get up early and have coffee and troll the blogs while Max likes to sleep in a little later. We have gotten into the habit of buying a lot of Easter candy that has been on sale. Every year we kind of go on a sugar binge with the chocolate eggs and peeps. I think we have it under control now for this year. My pancreas will thank me as well as my waist.

We have been advertising Maxine’s motorcycle on Craigslist and have had a couple of calls. One guy called on Friday and wanted to come out and look at it but then he noticed that the picture in the add showed that the bike had some artwork on it. I told him that Maxine had roses painted on it (to keep the guy’s off her bike) and that they could be taken off with easy off oven cleaner.


The guy was nervous about ruining the paintjob underneath. He said he would pass. The next morning he called me back and said that he wanted to come look at the bike anyway. He came out and looked at it and wanted it a a lot but was still concerned about removing the artwork.

I told him that we could call a very well known local artist that specializes in pin striping Goldwings and ask him what he would recommend. When the artist recommended easy off oven cleaner the guy started to get more interested. I told him that if I was buying this motorcycle that I would have have the artist remove the artwork and add the pin stripping. He liked that idea and left me a deposit while he did some some follow up. We will get back together by next Wednesday so it looks like we may have her bike sold.

The parts for our travel trailer came in so I was able to repair our toilet valve which was going bad and we replaced the antennae housing that I broke pulling the camper out of the barn. We will now start to advertise the trailer and hopefully we can get it sold at the same time our new one comes in.

Max is starting to get into de-clutter mode. I have a habit of placing everything in little clumps around the camper. These clumps are starting to disappear. She is trying to keep the camper as clutter free as possible so we can show it to prospective buyers. I think I could help her if I was more pro-active on putting things away. We have not had a chance to clean up the campsite outside and we have been tracking in leafs. We do not have any rakes so we decided to buy a small leaf blower to carry with us to help keep the sites we are in a little cleaner from debris. It works pretty good, it will be a good thing to have to keep the front area around the door cleaned up. Here is Max putting the little unit to the test.


I think this is as close to yard work as I am going to get!


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