Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cleaning Day

Thursday was a pretty day so after breakfast we did our 2 mile walk and then decided to clean out the storage compartment in front of the camper.

This was not a big job but it reminded me of how heavy things can be as I lifted them out. Things just seem heavier as I get older. Maybe I better start doing  more of an upper body work out. You would think that in this full timing lifestyle in the great outdoors and all of the hunter gathering that I have to do it would be enough. You know like hunting the chips and candy in the wal-mart aisle and tracking down the elusive strawberry cheese cake at Zesto’s would keep me in proper shape. I guess it takes more effort than that.

We got everything out of the storage compartment and went through and sorted things out as far as what was going to go into the new fifth wheel or what we was going to let go when we sold this trailer. We have a grill that hooks onto the side of the camper and it needed cleaning. Max tackled that job and got it cleaned up looking like new.

It seems that we have a tendency to want new things for the fifth wheel. After RVing for years we know what will work, but since we will be living in the fifth wheel we know some things will work better than others. Plus it gives us an excuse to look at goodies we really don’t need.

We have started a wish list of things we would like to get before we hit the road. Things like an inflatable kayak. We love the water and plan on being around a lot of lakes and rivers. The place we are staying at now has canoes for rent so we might rent one every now and then. This will also help us get in shape to use the kayak. We both need to work on our upper body strength so my thought was Max could paddle me around and I would cast my fishing pole. So far she is not on board with this idea but I keep reminding her that it is a win win for both of us.

Friday we spent the day at the apartment doing laundry and going through and downsizing some more. We divided up what we are going to move into the fifth wheel and what was going to be given to charity or sold. Our keep pile is getting smaller every time we go through it. Once we bring the fifth wheel home and actually pack it we will probably need to downsize again.

Rain is called for for this weekend so I think we will spend it reading and watching TV and adding to our wish list. This list is getting a little long but we are almost there.


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