Wednesday, May 5, 2010



The last few days have been pretty nice. Temps in the upper 70’s. We did have a pretty good thunderstorm pass us by to the south. It was still windy enough that we pulled in the slide to help ride out the storm.

We are still waiting for the phone call from our dealer letting us know the delivery date for the fifth wheel.  We know it is done by now, and he is only a half hour away from the factory…………. Patience Grasshopper!

We decided to wash the outside of the camper and clean the awning. It was a pretty day so we got the hose and bucket out and went to cleaning.

It is defiantly easier and faster than a 3800 sq foot house.

See how happy she is!!!!


We took a small trip down to a truck stop so I could get a better tire gauge to check the duallys and to get a truckers atlas. This atlas lists low clearances by state. One thing we are going to have to remember to do while traveling is to look at bridge heights. We do not need a sunroof on our home. While we were so close to Upland Indiana we had to go over to Ivanhoe’s for some ice cream. Yep we had to. :>)

Tuesday we did our normal 2 mile walk and rode the bike to Ft. Wayne to get some things at the health food store. It was a nice ride and I like going because they have these very good chocolate turtles. It must be good for us because it is sold at the health food store.

When we got back to the campground we decided to go through my tool box’s that are in the truck. I need to get them downsized to just one box if possible.


We ended up with one big box and one small one. Not too bad. We will store these in the truck box instead of the fifth wheel storage area.

We ended up Tuesday night by going to our local Goldwing chapter meeting. We had plenty of food and hurried the meeting along so we could all take a bike ride. It was a very pretty evening and a very relaxing ride.


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