Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Ride

Sunday Max and I got up and did our usual morning routines. Then we cleaned the camper up and did the dishes.

It was a beautiful Sunday and we were just relaxing under the awning when we decided to go for a motorcycle ride.

I pulled the bike up to the camper and checked my air pressures in the tires. They were about 5 lbs low on both the front and the back. I pulled out the air compressor and got them adjusted in short order.

The next big question was where were we going to ride to? It was about 2:30 in the afternoon. The bike had a full tank of gas. So I asked Max if she wanted to ride up to the DRV factory in Howe, Indiana to see if our trailer was on the lot waiting to be shipped. Now since it was Sunday I did not think that we would be able to get close enough to see since the factory was closed for the weekend. We felt it was worth the risk and at least it was a destination to ride to.

It is about a two hour ride up to the factory and the ride up was very pleasant. We pulled in to the side parking lot that is next to their shipping lot. There were about twenty RV’s lined up waiting to be shipped. How were we going to tell our RV from all the others?

DRV writes  the last four numbers of the vin number in chalk on the front of the hitchpin. Our number is 5378. We were looking thru the holes in the fence and could see numbers higher than ours like 5382, 5393 etc.. Plus ours has a dish on top and non of these did.

We decided then to ride the 30 miles over to Elkhart to see if it was on our dealers lot. The dealers lot was also fenced and gated so we could not get a good look from one side so we drove around the block to the opposite side of the dealers property. And there it was just inside the fence. It was close enough that we could even read the sold tag with our name on it that was put in the door window.

Here is our home in RV jail !!!


Our two hour ride up north was worth the trip and we had a nice evening ride back to Huntington. Of course we stopped on the way back to visit a Dairy Queen and to plot the escape and rescue of our RV.

The next step is that I will call the dealer on Monday to try and get a day and time for delivery. We still need to get the hitch installed so that may delay us for a couple of days.

We are getting so close to having this transition period done.

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