Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Week Until Delivery

On Monday our RV dealer called us before I could call him and he told us our RV was in. I did not tell him that we already new because we had ridden up there on Sunday. :>)

We need to get a hitch installed so he set us up an appointment at Dan’s Hitch’s in Elkhart for next Wednesday morning at 8:00am. We probably could have had a hitch installed some place else during the last few weeks we have been waiting, but the dealer said Dan’s has been installing hitch’s for many years and is very competitive on price and Dan’s can install it while we go over the PDI and paperwork. Plus I wanted them to get everything adjusted so we pull as level as we can. By doing it at the time of delivery we did not need to make an extra trip with the truck.

We will spend the first night camping at the dealers where we can go over everything and push all the buttons. Then if we have any questions or concerns we can address them on Thursday morning before we hitch up and drive back to Huntington.

We will need to pull out the travel trailer on Tuesday and park it across the road so when we return to our site, it will be empty so we can somehow get the bigger rig in. I am not so sure it is going to fit into the site in the conventional manor. We may need to get creative about angling it into position. Once we do then the travel trailer will be close by so we can unload it and transfer what we are going to keep.

We will only have Thursday to get as situated as we can because on Friday we are leaving for the Americade Rally in Lake George NY. We have never been to the Adirondack area and we are looking forward to it. I will need to get Max to enjoy the moment and not be focused on all of the things we need to do when we get back to finish moving into the rig. Maybe I can get her focused on buying me some new Chrome or lights for the bike!

Memorial weekend is coming up and the campground is getting very busy. The owners are trying to quickly put in two more sites to accommodate a few more guests. I think we may have to take day trips to get away from all the commotion.

We pulled out our kayak and inflated it and took it for a test run. The kayak is very stable and easy to maneuver.

Here is a picture of it inflated.


It inflated very fast and was pretty easy to deflate. I am just glad that the bag it goes in is a little forgiving. We do not always get it folded back to the exact same size it was prior to taking it out of the bag. I can see some nice river floats in our future with this boat.

Thursday and Friday are our last two days that we get to watch Emma. Cheryl will be done teaching for the year and will be home this summer. Looks like grandma and me will have to go and steal her away when we need our baby fix.

Here are a couple more pics of Emma.


One with her getting mad when the bottle gets empty


And I will leave with a few pics of our grand dog “Bailey”



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