Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visits, Using Craigslist and Shopping

It has been pretty busy the past several days. Busy for us now is different than what busy was when we had the house to take care of. We still have to clean the camper, do the dishes and laundry but since we have scaled way down it is done very quickly.

With it raining so much the last week we have not been able to get outside too much. Hopefully the rain quits pretty soon so we can get outside and play.

We still had a few things in the apartment to sale and we were going to take them to Mikes garage sale he is having this coming weekend. That was the plan but last Wednesday I had a sudden flash of genius… ( different than my normal genius)… that we should list the things on Craigslist. For one we would probably get a better price than at a garage sale and two… ( here comes the genius part!)… We would not have to load and unload the stuff to take to the garage sale. People would actually pay me to move the stuff out of the apartment and take it away. Brilliant!

We had great success and now we only have a few totes to move out by the end of the month.

Saturday we had some friends stop by and visit. Kent and Martha Fites. Kent and Martha are members of our local goldwing club and are also avid RVer’s. They have a beautiful Country Coach Motorhome. They do not plan to fulltime but they plan to be out as much as they can.  

Sunday we started thinking about the things we needed to purchase to supply the new rig and what is on our wish list. We went through our financials and made sure what fund was going to be used to buy the things we needed and wanted. We decided that no better time than now to start the shopping process. We went to Best Buy to get a new digital camera, then went over to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked out new dishes, silverware, utensils and some new cookware. We were a little concerned about where we will store it all until we can get it all put into the new rig, but we still have a few nooks and cranny’s available.

Now we just need some more sunshine so we can be outside more.


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