Saturday, May 15, 2010

Normal Routines

This week we have pretty much have just been relaxing and doing the normal daily things. We try to get our walks and elliptical workouts in. Off and on between the rain that is.

We have had a couple of good storms pass very close to us but not over us directly. We really need to have some sort of take shelter plan since we are into the tornado season. We are close to the bath house so that is where we will go if we have enough warning. I am more concerned about the lightening than any tornado. We have a transformer on a pole right across the gravel road from us and every campsite next to us has a flag pole sticking up. I feel like we are the bait on the hook!

I called DRV Suites on Monday to check on the progress on the 5th wheel. They told me that it was out of paint and waiting to have accessory’s like the awning, ladder..etc installed, then it will go to final inspection next week and hopefully shipped by next Friday.

It looks like we might get it around Memorial weekend. We will not have much time to get it and move into it  before we head to New York for Americade. Americade is the worlds largest motorcycle touring rally for all bike brands. We are going to ride with another couple from our chapter. It will be about 850 miles to Lake George NY. This rally is for all bikes and is dedicated to the touring rider. It is one of those rally’s like bike week that I wanted to go to at least once. I want to buy a touring jacket, a new rain cover for the bike and possibly a tire pressure monitor for the bike. A rally is like an outlet mall for motorcyclist. There is a lot more variety of items to look at than what is at a typical motorcycle shop. Max will have to keep a drool rag and keep it close by for me all week long.

This weekend the campground is a little busy with a bunch of kids camped in the primitive section with tents. When we went to bed last night I could hear them singing and carrying on across the lake. They were having a good time all night. Maybe too good of a time. When I got up this morning for my coffee fix two city police cars were just coming out of the their camping area, and about an hour later 3 county sheriffs cars came out.  These are young high school age kids (probably seniors) having their fun. I would rather see them camped out, than partying somewhere and then drive around. The tent area backs up to a few houses and they were just noisy all night and someone must have complained. No arrests, no harm, no foul.

Party on Dudes!

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