Saturday, June 5, 2010

Americade Journey Day 1

Max and I got up early after spending a very hurried night getting some of the stuff out of the old trailer and into the new fifth wheel. We did not put anything away yet because we want to have time to organize it and purge as we go.

We decided that since we were going to be gone a week that we would put the slides in and leave the refrigerator on and the A/C set to 80. I did turn off all the hot water tanks and shut off the water supply.

The plan was to get to Gary and Bev’s house between 9 and 9:30am. We pulled in at 9:15. (nailed it!)

We put some of Gary and Bev’s things in our trailer and headed off. I had programmed the route a few days before and somehow it did not save it. So we just headed out Hwy 224 from Huntington and picked up Hwy 30 in Ohio and headed to Mansfield Ohio to pick up Hwy 71 to the north. The weather was pretty good until early afternoon when the rain came.

We pulled under a bridge and put on our rain gear and headed back out on the hwy. The rain was not too bad but the hwy had tar snakes running right up the center of the lane and every time I would drift over it the front end would get real loose and I started hydroplaning. Not fun.

Finally the rain ended around 3:00pm and we were able to shed the rain gear. We rode a little over 400 miles and spent our first night in Jamestown NY.

We are going to get off the hwy today and ride 20 mile south into Pennsylvania and take the scenic route across Pa then back up into NY. We plan to get into Schenectady NY tonight.

I keep forgetting to take pictures as we go so I will try to do better today.

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