Sunday, June 6, 2010

Americade Day 2

We got up to a very overcast sky and pleasant temperatures.

I was up early as usual and while Max went to the gym to use the elliptical machine, I went out and programmed my GPS for the day’s ride.

We met Gary and Bev at 8:00 am for breakfast in the hotel and we got on the road by 8:30.

We decided to drop back down into PA and follow route 59 and route 6 across to pick up  interstate 81 on the other side.

The ride across PA was very pretty and the rain stayed away. Here are a few pics of the countryside as we rode across.

Allegheny Res



Cookie Break


Misc Countryside Pics



We rode back up into New York and stopped at a Cracker-barrel for dinner. While we were inside eating a big storm came through and the whole area lost power. We we going to go next door to the Fairfield Inn to see about a room but they had no power as well.

We decided to ride on for a little while and try to find something up the road. We did not find a hotel for about another hour. We pulled into a Hampton Inn along Interstate 88 headed to Albany. They were pretty full due to some event and all area hotels had raised their rates. We could get a room for $179.00!

Toto we are not in Kansas any more. They ended up coming down to $159.00. Bev called a Super 8 and a Holiday Inn and their price was only 10 dollars difference. Not enough to make us drag our tired butts back onto the bike.

Gary and Bev retired to their rooms for the evening while Max and I went and took advantage of the Jacuzzi.

I do not know if I got a 159 dollars worth of a Jacuzzi soak but I gave it my best effort and it did help relieve the road stress from the day.

We should arrive at the KOA at Lake Luzerne this afternoon or evening. 

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