Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend and Getting Ready

Memorial weekend was hot and muggy which is far better than the cold and wind that was most of May.

The campground  was filled to capacity and then some. With so many people here it was still pretty quite when night time came and family’s were around their campfires. Living in a campground we have gotten use to being almost the only ones here Monday thru Friday.

We spent Saturday afternoon with Gage, one of our grandsons. We went for a kayak float on the lake and then went to the play ground to play. Then Gage wanted to go for a motorcycle ride and naturally I could not refuse that, so we got his helmet on him and I took the long way to Zesto’s for Ice cream. For dinner he managed to get us to take him to McDonalds. Lucky Duck!



We took gage home and made plans with David and Beth to come out to the campground  on Sunday evening and we would cook up some Brats, and Hamburgers. We had a nice evening and made a couple of smores for the boys.

I took Blake out on the kayak and paddled him around for a while. Then Dave and Beth took both the boys out.



On Monday Max and I started making preparations to  move the travel trailer and pack for both our overnight trip to pick up the fifth wheel and for our Americade trip that starts on Friday. Tuesday we will spend the day flushing out all of the tanks and getting the travel trailer ready for storage until it can be sold. this has been a very good trailer and who ever buys it will get a good one.

Time to get busy! Delivery day is on Wednesday and we have a ton of things to do.

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