Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth Of July!

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July.  We celebrated on the 3rd with our kids and grand kids. The campground was hosting a live band and a fireworks show.

We had the typical cook out with Burgers and Brats.DSC_0117 DSC_0112

We pretty much spent the day watching the kids swim. Blake and Gage are just learning and are getting braver every time they go to the pond. Dad has them in swim lessons at the YMCA and that has helped them gain the confidence. Here the little guys wanted to swim to the “middle of the pond”.


Then they needed to rest!


Mike got off work around 4:00 and him and Cheryl and Emma came out to spend the evening. It was a little hot in the sun so we had to move around a little to find shade. Here are a few pic’s from the afternoon.

Gage and Peanut on the swing.


David holding Emma with Mike and Cheryl in the background.


Cheryl watching Mike play Gages DS game.


Emma wondering what I am doing.


Grandma introducing Gage to Elephant Ears.


 The campground put on a very nice fireworks show and the live band was pretty good.

We had a very enjoyable day with the family. Everybody’s schedules are so busy and we do not get the chance to do this very often.  We must take advantage of it when we can.

Max and I will now start getting ready to leave on Tuesday for Kalamazoo Michigan.  This will be our shake down trip with everything loaded. We will be at our “home park” for a week and then spend a day in LaGrange Indiana to have some small issues with the rig looked at.  Our  home park is the campground where we bought our Coast to Coast membership back in 2004. We bought this mainly for when we went full time we could use the system. It allows us access to stay up to 14 days at all affiliated campground for only $10.00 a night. That is a good deal and it will allow us to save some money when needed. Which will be most of the time!

Please everyone have a safe holiday weekend!


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