Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot, Lazy Days

The last few days here at Kalamazoo have been very hot and humid. We had some rain which has relieved the humidity some. We have spent the last few days just reading and relaxing. I have even taken a couple of hour naps the last two afternoon’s. :>)

We have not gotten on the Kal-Haven bike trail as of yet. It has just been too hot to even be outside. The site we have does have 50 amp service so I am able to have both A/C units on. This makes a big difference in cooling down the rig. I still would like more air flow in the bedroom at night. Some type of small fan just to keep air moving between the times the A/C runs would be great.

On our travel day we had some communication issues between the truck and motorcycle CB’s.  I bought a small handheld 40 channel CB to have in the truck so we could talk to who ever is on the motorcycle. We can hear the motorcycle plainly in the truck but the person on the motorcycle can not understand the person in the truck.  On our way back to Huntington we will put the motorcycle’s CB on the external speakers to see if that helps. If not I will have to look for a better quality CB to put in the truck. It figures that I had a very nice, but old 23 channel Robyn that I sold back in January during our moving sale. Wish I could get that one back. They do not make them with that much wattage output anymore.

The campground here is pretty crowded and is not the type of campground we prefer but it is our home park in our Coast to Coast system and does not cost us anything but our yearly dues. We want to try to stay in State Parks or National Forest campgrounds and Corps of Engineer parks as much as we can. The biggest limitation we have is the size of the rig. We can find them, it just takes a little research. Some state parks have very favorable camping fees. South Dakota is only $16.00 a night and New Mexico is only $14.00. Indiana’s is $26.00, so you can see there is a wide range depending on where we will be. I Think our plan is to do like two weeks at state parks and two weeks using our Coast to Coast membership system. We can camp up to 14 nights at any Coast to Coast park for $10.00 a night. There are a lot of them nation wide but maybe not always where we will be and or are headed. We also belong to Passport America which can save us up to 50% per night depending on campground. By alternating we can save on our campground fees and can occasionally stay at a nice 5 star rated RV resort for a change of pace. Flexibility is the key.

The next few days we will be doing what ever the weather will let us do. If it is hot we will either be in the A/C or at the pool. Hopefully it cools down enough so we can get out on the Kal-Haven trail and take a bike ride. Either way works for me!


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