Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Day At Kalamazoo

We are winding up our week here at Spring Lake campground in Kalamazoo Mi. It has been a relaxing week and we did not venture far from the campground. It was just too hot at the beginning of the week to ride the bikes on the Kal-Haven bike trail. Then later in the week we were either going to the pool or we were  engaged in our books that we just did not make it to the trails.  We did find time however to make it to the Plainwell Ice Cream Company for some Ice cream several times during our week. We do have our priorities in order.

We will be packing up here on Tuesday morning and will head to Lagrange Indiana to have some service work done on our rig. We are planning on only staying one night in Lagrange, then head back to Huntington on Wednesday evening. But since we have made the service appointment a few weeks ago we have added to the items that need to be looked at. So far the biggest issue is that our washing machine is not working. We have only been able to get it to run about three times.  I happened to be the one to get lucky to have it start all three times, Max was quick to add that since it only likes me that I would have to do the laundry all the time! I hope it is the first thing fixed!

We also need to have the slides adjusted. They seem to be coming in too far and not quite even. It sounds like it is an easy adjustment from what I have been reading on the message boards. Last night we were sitting outside and when I went to pack up the chairs for the night I noticed a little water in the storage compartment. I traced the water coming from the shower area. It is a small seep that I think is coming from the shower faucets. I am not sure how to remove the fixture in the shower to see if the hose connections are tight. I will have to have the service guys look at it on Wednesday. For now I just shut off the shower supply at the water manifold.

I expect to have little things like this come up from time to time as we travel. After all, every time we move it is like the house is going through a minor earthquake. Things will loosen up. I just have to figure out how to access things. I will be paying close attention how the service techs dismantle things.

There is a light rain this morning which is suppose to subside by noon, then becomes partly sunny. We only have to travel about 60 miles to get to Lagrange, so we will try to time it so we have the sunny part of the day. Here are a few pics of the campground here at Kalamazoo.





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