Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot, Muggy and Frustrated.

On Tuesday we were able to repair the wheel bearings  and replace the tire on the cargo trailer. It was a messy job but not too difficult. The total cost for bearings and a tire was only around $75.00. That was not too bad. Now if I would just repack the bearings every year I could avoid future problems like this one. It would only be about a two hour job, so I should not have any excuses.

The last few days have been very hot and muggy. I know, I should not complain. Seems it  was not too long ago that I was complaining that it was cold and damp. I will take the heat any day over cold.

Friday was Maxine and I’s 33rd anniversary. We celebrated by her taking me to Red Lobster on Thursday night, and then I took her to the Back 40 restaurant on Friday.  We enjoy our sea food, maybe a little too much! We also spent the day washing the RV. I told Max that for next years anniversary we can wash the truck and motorcycle. She said something under her breath that I could not quite make out. I think it was something like “thank you”! I know she will be excited when I let her clean the wheels! Yeah, I know I am a romantic, its a curse.

Saturday we helped Dave and Beth move some Items Beth had in storage down in  Muncie In, up to their house in Roanoke. It only took a few hours and we enjoyed our time with them. When we got back Max and I went to the Village Inn in downtown Roanoke and we both had a breaded Tenderloin for dinner. I think we are trying to hit all of our favorite places to eat before we leave!

We were suppose to get a part for the washing machine delivered this week so the repair facility can come out on Monday to finish the repair on the washing machine. Unfortunately we never received the part this week so Maxine called and found that the part was on back order from Whirlpool. Now we are not so sure when we will get the part and how soon they can re-scheduled  the service call. We may need to delay our scheduled departure date of Aug 1st until after we get the part and the washer fixed. If we left before we get the part it would be hard for them to get us the part while we are moving every week or so. We think it would be best if we just stayed here until we can get it fixed. We do not have any reservations set yet until Aug 15th. So we have some time to spare.


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