Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday July 20th

The last few day’s since returning to Huntington we have been slowly getting things done to be ready to travel. We bought a new CB and antenna for the truck and I finished installing it last night. I still have the tire pressure monitor to program and install. The monitor can monitor up to 22 tires. Thankfully I do not have that many but I do have 10 to keep track of. The monitor will keep track of both pressure and temperature. The tire sensors have to be programmed for the position that they are installed on the rig. Not too hard to do other than getting them put on the rear dual tires on the truck.

Sunday we rode the bike to Ivanhoe’s in Upland Indiana with friends from our Goldwing Chapter. Ivanhoe’s is a small hamburger restaurant that happens to serve Ice Cream. 100 different sundaes and 100 different shakes. They draw in bikers, car enthusiasts and just plain Ice cream lovers from all over the state. Maxine and I both had a large strawberry shortcake. Yummy!!

We are starting to finalize our itinerary for our trip up to South Dakota. We will break the trip up into small sections and plan to get into the state park by Madison on Aug 15th. We are planning stops at Utica Illinois, Colona Illinois, Des Moines Iowa, Little Sioux Iowa, Sioux Falls SD, and then Madison SD. The plans and duration of stay is of course subject to change. I might see something shiny in a different direction :>)

Today we are going to work on the wheel bearings on our motorcycle cargo trailer. Gets some baby time with Emma, then it’s a baseball game with the youngest grandson.  Enjoy your day!

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