Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 7th and 8th (Colona Illinois)

Saturday we got up and did our normal 3 mile walk then settled in to lounge away the day reading or watch a little TV. It was such a pretty day I decided to wash and wax the truck. Normally it would only take me about an hour but since this is the weekend the campground is full. I had several neighbors stop to talk while I was washing. I was not in any hurry so I did not mind. In fact one neighbor came by and handed me a cold beer and told me I was working too hard. It took me about 3 hours to get the truck washed and waxed and then it clouded up and started to sprinkle. Oh well at least I got the road bugs off.

We puttered around for most of the day and I grilled some steaks for dinner. Then we went for a late afternoon walk. I took a few photos of the park as we went. These three photos are in the tent and picnic area. There has not been anyone in this area and it makes the walks very nice. We have not seen any wildlife except squirrels, ducks, and geese.




This is the pond area. We are in a different loop back in the trees.


This is Ebony and Ivory. A couple of ducks that have came here this year. Usually they are out by the road looking for a handout but this time they were back in the pond staying away from the geese.



Saturday night was casino night at the clubhouse. We went up and played blackjack until 9.00 pm or so. It is a 5 dollar buy in then they play with play money for two hours. Then at the end of the two hours everybody counts the money they have and the top three wins the pots and the next three wins a box of cookies. Neither one of us placed in the top six but we had fun anyway.

Sunday we upped our walking routine to 4 miles and then spent most of the day reading and then after dinner we went for a motorcycle ride. Nothing exciting just a typical day. We plan to leave here on Wednesday morning and plan to spend two days in Des Moines Iowa and then one night in Little Sioux Iowa and the be in Sioux Falls on Saturday.

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