Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Day in Colona Illinois and Moving Day

Our last day at Indian Trails Resort in Colona Illinois was very hot and muggy. We got up and I took the motorcycle to the Honda shop in Davenport Iowa to have new tires put on while Max stayed home and did the laundry and getting some things done before we move on to Grimes Iowa. I made it to the motorcycle shop and spent about two hours there while they changed my tires. I decided to go with Bridgestones this time to see if I get any better wear than the Dunlops that I had on it. I have to find a different solution for tires. It cost $660 for 2 tires installed. Next time I may try to order the tires from a online store and have them shipped somewhere and see if i can have a smaller independent bike shop do the install to see if I can save money. The tires I had on still had good tread but they were cupped very bad on the rear. If I was the only one riding it I may have tried to get some more miles out of them but with Max doing most of the riding right now I did not want to take any chances. (call it a husband thing)

While I was at the bike shop I read an article about the two guys on the American Picker TV show. These guys travel all over and go through peoples stuff that has been in barns and attic’s and look for valuable items that they can turn a profit on. Well it seems that their store or warehouse is in LeClair Iowa which was just seven miles from us. I wish we would have known that earlier so we could have browsed around their store. Oh well next time through we will try to see it.

We hitched up around 10:30am on Wednesday and was ready to leave. We said our goodbyes to some very nice people we met while we were there and headed out. We had about 200 miles to travel to Cutty’s RV Resort in Grimes Iowa. It is another Coast to Coast park where it only costs us $10.00 a night. We made the drive with no problems other than the Heat index was very hot.  Max was pretty exhausted from the heat by the time she pulled into the campground.

The resort put us in a pull through spot that is just barely big enough to get the rig in. I made some rookie mistakes in setting up which in the heat was not a good thing. I pulled in and got everything unhitched and level then went to plug in the electrical cord and I was about 4 feet short of reaching the pedestal.  Son of a #&*$$ @#&^% was all I could think.  It was close to a 100 degrees outside and we have to re-hitch up and move forward 5 feet. But that was the only way, so we hitched up, moved, unhitched, re-leveled and then finally got the A/C turned on. After my body temperature and temper cooled off and with Maxine riding the bike in the heat most of the day, we decided that cooking dinner was out of the question. We decided that a nice salad was waiting for us somewhere. We are a fan of IHOP’s salads so we found one fairly close to us and headed out. After getting to the IHOP the problem is keeping to the salad idea. It seems that I am an even a bigger fan of their pancakes with butter pecan syrup. But I did not want to compromise my weight loss so I struggled when the waitress came up and I just blurted out my salad order. Whew!  Another  good decision.

When we returned we went for a walk around the campground and I took a few pictures of the lake and of some ducks. The campground has a lot of amenities here and my only complaint so far are the roads. The gravel roads are washed out by all of the rain and the asphalt roads are in very bad shape. But overall it is a good stopping place for a day or two.

Here is a pic of the lake.


Some of the Ducks that wanted a handout.


Our Campsite


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Kent said...

Hi Dave & Max
We are back bus driveing bus.Being in our R V with no time lines was a lot more fun. Looks like their was flooding in your area dont think your 5th wheel will float will it? Be safe and take a walk for us .Kent & Martha